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    American Airgunner

    American Airgunner
    Airguns in action!
    Join host Rossi Morreale as he takes you on a tour of modern airguns and what they can do. See calibers, guns and gear you never knew existed. Get a close-up look at how airguns work and how they're used. Target shooting, plinking, hunting, pest elimination and more. Sit back and enjoy the show!

    Episode 01 • PCPs and Horned Frogs
    Episode 02 • The Squirrel Soldier
    Episode 03 • SHOT in Vegas
    Episode 04 • The Hog Soldier
    Episode 05 • The Good, the Bad, the Rossi
    Episode 06 • A Guy, a Gun, the Shredder
    Episode 07 • Spin for the Win
    Episode 08 • Shots Heard Round the World
    Episode 09 • Quacktastic Wheel of Duck Death
    Episode 10 • Hugs and Kisses
    Episode 11 • Birds and Bowling
    Episode 12 • Silence on the Tee Box
    Episode 13 • 5000 Dollar Boom!
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