Date: 24/5/2017 3:4

Zombie apocalypse

Are You Prepared?

It's not a game anymore: Zombies WILL attack!
Stock up on guns and gear to stop zombies - human or animal - in their tracks before they make you their next meal.
Get our special pre-packaged airsoft deals that are guaranteed to neutralize any zombie rampage.
A UTG triple-firing airsoft shotgun will hold off the next rotting corpse reaching for you. Three shots from the shotgun sends the message home to the walking dead.
Need a reliable sidearm? Get a WE gas pistol for those close encounters. Velocity is low enough to play but still sends a message you're not going down without a fight.
Bet you're real good at Black Ops Zombie. But that's a game. What about real life? Get your loadout, and get ready for a real zombie assault. There are NO second chances.

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