Date: 12/2/2016 10:7

Benjamin Hand Pump, Fits Crosman & Benjamin PCP Guns

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  • Adrian from USA asked:

    Hi, How many pumps would it take me to get it from 1000psi to 3000psi. I counted 120 pumps Im not sure if thats right I think my pump is defected.

    • ignacio from USA asked:

      It serves the marauder?

      • Stanley from USA asked:

        Does anyone know of a rebuild kit for an older airforce pump or at least a parts lists to go by in order to rebuild it? I tried calling airforce and got nowhere . Thanks..

        • Chris from USA asked:

          The picture shows NO Bleeder valve! I just noticed this. Does it come with a bleeder valve?

          • Chris from USA:

            I received it and it IS the updated model with the air bleeder FYI. HAHA, Thanks for updating the picture guys!!!

        • Steven from USA asked:

          How long is the air line from pump?

          • Shane from USA asked:

            What is the psi the frosher fitting is rated to

            • Shane from USA asked:

              Is this a three stage pump like the Benjamin

              • Mark from USA:

                yes, it is

            • John from USA asked:

              how much does this pump weigh?

              • Jason from USA:

                6.2 lbs fully assembled

            • Stan from USA asked:

              Can this hand pump be used to replenish a scuba-type tank, and if tried, are we talking hundreds of pumps? Thousands?

              • Val from USA:


            • Ricardo from USA asked:

              Can i pump a sumatra 2500 with this pump

            • John from USA asked:

              Will this work with the airforce escape .25?

              • Val from USA:

                yes, it will. Just click on the PCP Hookup tab for the gun you want to buy or check and then select the pump of choice to see if there are any adapters you will need.

            • Doug from USA asked:

              Anyone know what size the O-ring is in the female side of the Foster connecter and where to get them? Thx

              • Gary from USA:

                Correction, B70X010 is the part number at capitol bearing, but any auto parts house should be able to help you.

              • Gary from USA:

                Buna N 70 at my local capitol bearing Ind. sply.

            • Gerald from USA asked:

              What is the normal maitanace and oiling and is pelgun oil fine to use and if not than what oil should be used and how ofen. Thanks.

              • vopicak22 from USA asked:

                Where the pump has been made? Please true.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  You would have to ask Crosman for the answer, but I believe they are made largely of foreign sourced parts.

              • Karthik from India asked:

                What is the weight and dimension of the Benjamin Hand pump

                • Greg (PA SALES) from USA:

                  Its the same size a bicycle pump about 2.5feet tall and weighs more about 7 pounds

              • Jorge from USA asked:

                Can it be used for a airforce condor?

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Yes this is a direct fit for the airforce talon-p,talons,and condors.

                • Erika from USA:

                  Yes, with the proper fittings you would be able to use this pump

              • Bailey from USA asked:

                Could you pump a at44-10 long qe with tis pump? If not what would i have to buy

              • Bob from USA asked:

                Is the Benjamin Hand Pump serviceable by myself? It stopped pumping both directions and loses some pressure on one stroke.

                • Erika from USA:

                  I would suggest contacting the manufacturer for warranty information

              • Dr. Guzman from USA asked:

                I Have the Umarex Walther 1250 Dominator .22 Cal,and I have the Benjamin Hand Pump, I looking the converter part for use My Pump in My Whalter Dominator Rifle, Do You Have that Part?, and can you tell me about the item, Thanks

              • Debra from USA asked:

                Would it be very challenging for a 13 year old to pump up a Marauder?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  Very difficult if not impossible.

              • leverett from USA asked:

                the Benjamin air pump acts like pressure is on both sides of the up and down stroke, bleed valve no help.

                • Jerry from USA:

                  correct, pressure on both strokes

              • Gary from USA asked:

                After 15 pumps at pressure of 2000 psi, the foster female plug popped off the Maurauder. When reconnected, did not get any pressure when pumping. Do I need a new foster plug. Not sure what happened, have used the pump many times before without issue. Strange.

                • Jack from USA:

                  make sure the plug is on properly. if this problem repeats itself, get a new fitting

              • Dave from USA asked:

                Will this pump fit a Air Force PCP Condor?

              • marc from USA asked:

                will this pump fit a hatsan pistol

                • Mary from USA:

                  yes but with the right adapter.