Air Arms TX200 MkIII air rifle

  • R.B. from USA asked:

    The rubber bumper on the bottom of the barrel broke off. There is still a little bump but the dimple itself came off. I put a rubber "O" ring on the cocking lever to help cushion the lever when I cock the gun. Is this something I need to send back to get repaired or can I let it go as is?

    • Paul from USA:

      Most every one I've seen has been torn off. Don't worry about you did the most common fix.Now go shoot and have fun.

    • Tom from USA:

      Mine came off also at the second tin of pellets, and I too got an o-ring. Isn't there a better engineering fix ?

  • R.B. from USA asked:

    Once again my thanks to Dan the Man. The more I shoot this rifle, the better I like it. The groups keep getting smaller. The advertised muzzle velocity in .22 is 750 F.P.S. I took my rifle to the range the other day. There was a fellow there with a chronograph. Muzzle velocity range from 657 F.P.S. to 686 F.P.S. I'm shooting Beeman Field Target Special 14.66 grain pellets. I've got under 200 pellets through the rifle. Will the muzzle velocity increase or is my pellet heavier than the factory uses to measure muzzle velocity?

    • R.B. from USA:

      Thanks to Dan & Tyler. I sent an email to Air Arms inquiring about the pellet weight. Their response follows: "The technical department have advised that we set up on AA field 15.9 g".

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      It might increase a slight bit, but the speed should stabilize more over time. Your accuracy will also increase the more you shoot it.

    • Tyler from USA:

      It may be slightly heavier but that difference is not something to be concerned about. Your velocities seem to be right on for the FTS pellets. If I had to venture a guess, they use a JSB 13 grain exact RS.

  • R.B. from USA asked:

    My thanks to Dan the man for answering my previous question. Is there a way to apply the safety to this rifle after it has been released? This morning I removed the safety to shoot a squirrel. He heard the click and ran off. I noticed the safety will not engage once it has been disengaged. I thought about pulling the cocking lever but was concerned that I may disrupt the timing if I pulled the cocking lever without having the spring tension against it.

    • Tom from USA:

      Easy to reset the safety. The last click of the cock is the safety, just pull the cocking lever back again, no problem, the spring is already loaded. Or, de-cock, pull the cocking lever back and while holding firmly, pull the trigger then the anti-bear trap lock. Caution, any slip here could result in busted knuckles.

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      No problem. As far as the safety, I wouldn't mess with it. Besides, I've heard if you leave a spring piston airgun cocked for more than 10 minutes, you'll damage it.

  • R.B. from USA asked:

    My TX 200 III was delivered yesterday. Mounted the scope and zeroed the rig. The rifle shoots really well. Good fit and finish for the wood and metal. What maintenance is required to keep this rifle shooting well?

  • Paul from USA asked:

    Is the barrel shrouded?

    • Paul from USA:

      The TX200 does have a full shroud watch the video with Paul Capello

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      No, just the Pro Sport is shrouded.

  • Mach-1 from USA asked:

    Where is it made? Hoping the USA.

    • Val from USA:


  • Leon from USA asked:

    This is listed under specs as having a 9" barrel and the Hunter carbine has a 9.53" barrel??

    • Erika from USA:

      That is the information that was provided directly from Air Arms

  • Randall from USA asked:

    Does this rifle shoot the Crossman premiere hollow-points well in .177 cal.?

    • Tyler from USA:

      That will depend entirely on your barrel and what it likes. My personal TX likes the boxed Crosman Premier lights a lot.

  • Michael from USA asked:

    Is Refurbished covered under a warranty?

    • Val from USA:

      yes, same warranty as new (through Air Venturi)

  • PaperPunch1 from USA asked:

    Exactly what does REFURBISHED mean?

  • Peter from USA asked:

    Did this rifle, historically, ever have a nine inch barrel?

    • Jerry from USA:

      9" is the rifled portion of the barrel

  • Papa from USA asked:

    what is worinty.

    • Tyler from USA:

      It is a 1 year warranty.

  • Stephen from USA asked:

    How much does it weigh?

    • Tom from USA:

      That 9.3 lbs is bare bones. With the pyramid package, mount, scope and 1 heavy pellet, my gun is 10.5 lbs.

    • Val from USA:

      9.3 lbs

  • Mike from USA asked:

    What scope is most recommended? And... what pellets for the 22?

    • Paul from USA:

      I put a Hawk sidewinder 3-12x50 on mine. I feel it a very good match for this rifle. As far as the cretin remark that makes no sense this rifle is made to be scoped that's why there's no front sight.

    • Tom from USA:

      Only a cretin? I didn't realize I was that bad off. I haven't noticed many photos of a TX200 without a scope.

    • david from USA:

      Suitable front sight for TX200 rifle and a Lyman 48 grade for the rear??. Only a cretin would scope this rifle in walnut.

    • Val from USA:

      Mike, depends on what distance you are planning on shooting. We have a few scopes recommended for the rifle

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