Date: 29/7/2016 16:28

BSA R-10 MK2 PCP Air Rifle, Walnut Stock

  • Robert from USA asked:

    I have just ordered a BSA R10 MK2, which is supposed to come with "a magazine, lube and a fill adapter." I had assumed that the fill adapter was to connect it to scuba tank. Is that assumption wrong? Do I need something else to refill the air tank? I have a pump for a Benjamin Marauder pistol -- could I use that?

  • LAYSEL from USA asked:

    Can you refill the tank outside the rifle by itself and then attach it to the rifle?

    • Stanley from USA:

      In reading the manual it states it can be filled by removing the bottle buddy , but you have purchase an adaptor #16-6440 .

  • Robert from USA asked:

    Does PA plan to stock the .25 version of this rifle?

    • Fernando from USA asked:

      Do you have model BSA R-10 MK2 VC (version 0.22 or 5.5 mm ?

      • Fernando from USA asked:

        How many cc have the BSA R-10 MK2 tank ?

      • from USA asked:

        Is BSA going to offer this gun in the carbine version similar to the one on their website?

        • Shellie from USA asked:

          Is there anyone that works on these guns in the U.S. besides bsa?

          • Eduardo from USA asked:

            Do you guys sell the version with the short barrel?

            • William from USA asked:

              You've got me confused to the max! You say that the version you are going to sell is the 93cm (36.6") shrouded version, but your product description photo shows the 113cm (44.5") shrouded, non silencer, version - which, by the way, is more accurate due to the 20cm longer barrel, and is the version that I want to buy in walnut! I know that it is in the BSA product line as this link to a youtube video will attest: . Can you please confirm which version you will actually be marketing, or should we just wait and see what the manufacturer sends you?

              • William from USA:

                I wonder why PA hasn't taken the time to answer this very simple, but important question?

            • Paul from USA asked:

              Could you get the 12ftlbs version here in the US? Thxs

              • Hemn Mahmmod from Albania asked:

                is it possible to fit the larger air reservoir like 500cc? if yes,,can you provide the link? plz

                • John O from USA asked:

                  Will a synthetic stock be available in the future.

                  • marc from USA asked:

                    is this rifle available in the US in the vc model with the vc silencer

                    • mark from USA asked:

                      will a larger bottle fit [like a 360/400 cc from a RAW hm1000 ] without modifications ?

                      • Brandon from USA asked:

                        Can you turn the.177 model down to 12fpe? And if so what would the expected shoot count be

                        • Cam from Australia:

                          Dont touch adjust the regulator yourslf unless you have alot of time and pellets you are best off adjusting the tensio on the hammer spring. You could also buy an aftermarket regulator with your desired pwer levels

                        • Tyler from USA:

                          That would require modifications to the regulator and likely the hammer spring. Possibly the transfer port as well. In .177 from the factory at 12 FPE, they are rated for 165 shots.

                      • John from USA asked:

                        Would you be able to special order an ambi stock version for me?

                        • Tyler from USA:

                          There is not an ambi stock available for it sadly.

                      • bill from USA asked:

                        is left-hand avail. and if so how much extra?

                        • Moss from USA:

                          I think left hand only available in the UK

                        • Cory from USA:

                          No, it is not available.

                      • Mohamed from USA asked:

                        Do yo have the new bsa mk2 with the shrouded barrel (93 cm) ?

                        • Cory from USA:

                          Yes, this model is the full shrouded barrel.

                        • Jerry from USA:

                          Yes, we carry it

                      • Mohamed from USA asked:

                        Please I want to know the actual type of bsa R10 that you have in your market ( is that mk1 or mk2 ) ??

                        • Cory from USA:

                          This is the mk2 model, it is the high power shrouded version.

                        • Jerry from USA:


                      • Mohamed from USA asked:

                        Is the mk2 logo printed on the rifle body ?

                        • Cory from USA:

                          Yes it is.

                      • Mohamed from USA asked:

                        What type of version do you have now and available in your market the long or short barrel

                        • Cory from USA:

                          It is the mk2 model with the shrouded barrel.

                      • Luke from USA asked:

                        Acording to some of the reviewers on this site, there are two different versions of this rifle regarding it's length: is this the case? If so, how long are the different models respectivly?

                        • Ayman Adel saleh from USA:

                          There are 2 different types of the bsa r10 , one with shrouded barrel and its length is 113 cm , qnd the bsa mk2 vc without a shrouded barrel and its lenth is 93 cm without the silencer . The new bsa r10 mk2 comes with shrouded barrel and its length is 93 cm.

                      • from USA asked:

                        Are you going to offer the R-10 in the tactical stock?

                        • Val from USA:

                          Hopefully. Nothing specific on the horizon yet.

                      • Hemn Mahmmod from Albania asked:

                        guys, do you think there is a bigger tank for this BSA rifle? is it available in bigger size ? i would like to own this gun but the shot count is not good,,,

                        • Robert from USA:

                          The RAW carbon fiber bottle fits this rifle if you widen the bottle inletting on the stock. It delivers greater capacity, less weight and looks cool.

                        • Moss from USA:

                          45+ shots in .22 dude thats a days hunting right there with no refill.

                        • Jerry from USA:

                          There is nothing available at this time in a larger size

                      • Hemn Mahmmod from Albania asked:

                        does the air reservoir removable? or fixed?

                        • James from USA:

                          It is removable. Follow the instructions carefully- easy but detailed; loosen bottle about 1 turn, dry fire 10 or 12 times to release air in regulator. You may have to turn another 1/2 to 3/4 turn if the regulator doesn't bleed down at first. Then remove bottle. Keep the O-ring clean when handling.