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    Browning 800 Express

    • Durwood from USA asked:

      Can you add a longer barrel?

      • bob from USA asked:

        can the cocking assist be drilled and tapped from both sides then using set screws mounted permently

        • bob from USA asked:

          is the cocking effort the same for the .177 and .22

          • Val from USA:


        • Myron from USA asked:

          Whats the difference between Browning 800 mag and Browning 800 Express? They each have a different box design. Are they the same pistol? I understand the 800 Mag was recalled in 2011 due to faulty safeties and repaired versions are marked with a P on the rear of the receiver. Could this have something to do with the box and name differences?

          • Tim from USA asked:

            whats a good affordable scope and what mounts are the best

            • Myron from USA:

              Anything but the china cheapee Walther as shown on the YouTube video. I wish the Pyramyd Air rep would have just demo-ed the pistol with its original out of the box, like it is, iron sights. And slower so we could see the action, anti recoil movments. I've gotten suckered into a few Walther red dots. The dot moves depending on where you look through it, due to poor optics or prism. You have to put your eye in the exact same spot every time with most Walthers. If your eyes a bit left, right, up or down from the last shot, forget it. Your aim will never be the same. Barska, BSA, Konus are pretty good and don't foul up like Walther's.

          • Gary from USA asked:

            can this be fired with the cocking assist on the weapon. if so, will it decrease the velocity?

            • Edith from USA:

              The cocking assist can be left on the gun when you shoot it. You don't have to remove it. In fact, the manual shows the cocking assist on the gun when cocking and loading and does not instruct you to remove it when you shoot the gun. It has no effect on velocity.

            • Stanley from USA:

              The cocking assist is for cocking only, not a barrel extension.

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