Colt 1911 Special Combat Classic BB Pistol

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  • Sylvain from Canada asked:

    Can we field strip this gun?

    • Blake from USA asked:

      How much are extra magazines for this?

      • Gregory from USA asked:

        If I have 2 or 3 magazines to use, doesn't that mean I would have to use a CO2 cartridge for each? What is the advantage to multiple magazines when you have to reload each anyway?

        • Cory from USA:

          Many people like to reload the magazines then shoot more shots in a string before breaking concentration and reloading again.

        • Tyler from USA:

          That is correct. Having multiple mags would allow you pre-load the magazines before going out to shoot and allow you to quickly change between magazines without having to pause to reload after each one. Often times shooters looking to replicate mag changes for competition will buy and use a few at a time.

      • Scottie from Canada asked:

        I was wondering about the grips for this gun. Can they be removed? And if they can, can they be replaced with actual 1911 grips designed for .45 ACP 1911's?

        • bruce from USA:

          No the screw holes dont line up.

        • Jerry from USA:

          We don't know if the screw holes would line up on a standard 1911 firearm

      • Bobby from USA asked:

        is it a blowback pistol?

        • Kenneth from USA:

          It is not a blowback pistol. It has a double action trigger, but you can cock the hammer back manually and it will shoot with a lighter single action trigger pull. Watch the video next to the description.

      • Kenneth from USA asked:

        I'm thinking about getting this pistol, but have some concerns regarding the trigger because some people have complained about it and the heavy pull. Does the trigger pull get lighter and better after a break-in period of several hundred shots? Also, what's the closest competitor to this model? I can't find many BB pistols with an adjustable rear sight and am looking for a BB pistol with 400+ fps, adjustable sights, and metal parts.

        • Val from USA:

          It does not necessarily get lighter, but it does not feel heavy when you shoot it (even though video shows high trigger pull, it's very common for all CO2 pistols). It's more about the feel than the actual force for these ones.

      • terrell from USA asked:

        Can you cock the gun and is it realistic??

        • Benjamin from USA:

          Yes and mostly yes. The trigger is unlike a real 1911 and the grip safety is stationary and will not move so that's why I say it feels mostly realistic. It's got good heft, pretty to look at, 99% metal, what's not to like? I enjoy the heck out of mine.

      • Dylan from Canada asked:

        Does the clip/magazine come with it ?

        • Benjamin from USA:

          Yes. Recommend you buy an extra though. You won't want to stop shooting this beautiful replica!