Date: 28/8/2016 2:23

Crosman 2240

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  • Zack from USA asked:

    I would really love one of the same custom 2240s that paul capello has in this video. How do I get one?

  • Chuck from USA asked:

    how long will the co2 capsule last is the pistol is left unused?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Not designed to store Co2 for long periods. Must be used.

  • jo from Canada asked:

    do you ship to Canada ?and would i need a special license to own this ?

    • LUC from Canada asked:

      I want to know which place has placed the CO2 capsule The screw and the end is for what exactly. thank you luc

      • Val from USA:

        Watch the video. It shows that off (the tube under the barrel is where the CO2 cartridge is stored). You can also see it in the closeup images.

    • Jimmy C from USA asked:

      I will like to order the 2240 with the steel breech update but I need to know if the breech comes as left hand too?

      • Evan from USA:

        why would you want a left handed pistol?

      • Stanley from USA:

        You could contact crosman directly but i don't believe it is offered left handed.

    • Lee from USA asked:

      Does anyone make custom grip panels?

      • Stanley from USA:

        If you go to custom shop they have them on there site.

    • Wilson from USA asked:

      Can anyone tell me how many pellets one can shot from this pistol with one CO2 cartridge ...???

      • wade from USA:

        40 on the dot with no loss of power, at least in cold weather. I wouldn't push more than 50 at 70 degrees F or warmer for true accuracy.

      • Mark from USA:

        according to the specs - 60 shots

    • Merrill from USA asked:

      Can you leave this gun charged over a period of time? Or should the gas be used up right away

      • wade from USA:

        drain/remove the co2 after each daily use. It's in the user manual "DO NOT STORE WITH CO2 !!!"

    • ban from Hong Kong asked:

      can shipping to Hong Kong?

      • Mark from USA:

        no, it's over 2J

    • Omar from USA asked:

      Can you hunt rats with this pistol?

      • wade from USA:

        It shoots a .22 at less than 580 fps, therefor no. You will not penetrate the body cavity at a range over 7 ft. and the chance of a ricochet inside any kind of building within 18 feet, due to the low speed and the lack of blunt force, not to mention the size of the projectile is a 120% "squared" possibility.

      • Micheal from USA:

        yes and no at the same time sure you do have co2 power and I seen aegs take out mice but remember this though single shot bolt action you better be quick to reload if you want the rat to not suffer and also if you don't kill that rat it may attack you in spite of you shooting it be very careful id recommend a regular .177 18 shot pellet gun with the combo of redfire diamond tipped pellet then a full body cylindrical pellet with a tip non diaboloed

      • Alejo from Colombia:

        YES definitely, it sure can kill small animals, it is the only one co2 powered pistol that shoots big pellets (5.5 mm) at 460 fps, thats quite fast for a co2 powered pistol, just use pointed pellets for greater accuracy and deeper penetration

      • Caleb from USA:

        YES, you can hunt rats with this. It doesn't matter what the velocity is, it matters what the ft/lbs of energy the pellet has. I have a pistol like this and cleanly make kills out to 15 yards, 30 yards with stock and longer barrel added.

      • Ashley from USA:

        No it does not have enough power.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        No, it's doesn't shoot fast enough to humanely take out pests.

    • Hap from USA asked:

      Is there a trigger upgrade for the crosman 2240

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Pyramyd does not offer one.

    • Hap from USA asked:

      Is there a way to lighten the trigger?

      • Alejo from Colombia:

        I think a lighter trigger could be dangerous, you could shoot it by accident with the lightest pressure on it, i think the trigger is just fine

      • Paul from USA:

        There are many after market up grade features for this pistol if you look around the internet.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        There are no adjustment screws for the 2240.

    • bmnk from USA asked:

      Will this put a coon humanely down at point blank range?

      • Micheal from USA:

        in otherwords yes you would kill the coon no it would not be humane because it will take a while for it to bleed out

      • James from USA:

        There's a really good article in the current (volume 6) PyramydAir catalog, "Velocity vs.Mass" that discusses this common topic. Essentially, air guns, even 1200+ fps models, cannot generate sufficient velocity for the type of hydrostatic shock you see from centerfire rifle cartridges. With extremely accurate (and lucky) shots, you might get an instant kill, but generally animals that receive a fatal wound will take a while to expire from a pellet.

      • Dan the Man from USA:


      • Ashley from USA:

        No it would not.

    • Dennis from USA asked:

      From around 15 yards, will this pistol kill a grey squirrel humanely?

      • Micheal from USA:

        yes it has the power to kill a grey squirrel no not from 15 yards I don't belive you would be able to aim that far without a scope and also I would say use a rifle because a pistol is never humane really when you think about it

      • Alejo from Colombia:

        Yes it might for sure, but i dont know why you people in the us wants to kill small animals, squirrels or birds, they are innocent animals, i couldnt do it..

      • Erika from USA:

        No, it would not

    • Zachary from USA asked:

      Is the grip made of wood or synthetic?

      • Tyler from USA:

        They are synthetic.

    • Zachary from USA asked:

      Is this Made in USA?

      • Edith from USA:

        The 2240 is BUILT in America. That means they assembled the gun parts in America but that some, many or all the parts are imported. How many of the parts are imported is not known.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes an american designer based out of Rochester NY.

    • ZARIF from Uzbekistan asked:

      how many meters it can shoot clearly with cheap pellets?

      • Alejo from Colombia:

        between 50 - 60 meters if you are a great shooter with high quality pointed pellets

      • Jerry from USA:

        Accuracy wise you're looking at about a 10 meter gun

    • Paul from USA asked:

      How many good shots can be had say @68 degrees with one cart.

      • Jerry from USA:

        You're looking at approx. 60 good shots

    • Tony from USA asked:

      Has anyone converted the 2244 to pcp??

      • Tyler from USA:

        I have seen a few. A quick google search should turn up some good information.

    • Tony from USA asked:

      who makes the upgrade air valve for more power or is this something I can do on my own? Any leads on a supressor??

      • Tyler from USA:

        There are a lot of folks out there that make spare parts for them. I would recommend checking out the Aigun Artisan's website, they have many links to custom part makers.

    • leyvine from USA asked:

      Could I use this as a small game hunting pistol ?

      • wade from USA:

        Not for hunting!!!!! Recommended for plinking only, see my answer for rats.

      • RifledDNA from USA:

        This gun puts out around 6.5 ftlbs at the muzzle and that will drop quickly over short distances, within ten meters WELL PLACED head shots on small game would be ok, anything further out and it'd be risky, upgrade for more power to increase affective range. Remember that less then 10 ftlbs really isn't recommended, but can be done.

      • Val from USA:

        Only at a very short distances, if you are a good shot too. Read this article to learn more about hunting with airguns: Airgun Hunting