Crosman MTR77 NP Scoped Air Rifle

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  • kev from Canada asked:

    will this ship to Canada?

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      No, shoots over 500 feet per second.

    • Tyler from USA:

      No it will not.

  • joe from USA asked:

    what am i doing wrong i sighted 2 different mtr77 in with 5 diffent scopes and every time i take the gun out of my safe it shoots 3 inches low... remember 2 different mtr77 whats the problem

    • Brian from USA:

      if you have a loose grip on the rifle the pellets drop but if you keep a tight grip your gun should shoot just fine.

  • Chevota from USA asked:

    Anyone have velocity numbers with the pellet weight? I'm curious how much power is lost with the short barrel.

    • Kenneth from USA:

      The answer from Dan shows how we are all but lied to about velocity. This gun is advertised with a maximum of 1200fps and using H&N 5.56 grain lead free pellets it is just shy of the advertised 1200. I pulled out some pellets I have and found H&N 6.48 grain lead free pellets I bought to shoot inside without putting lead dust in the air. This 6.46gr pellet feels like a tiny cotton ball in my hand and the pellet used in the video Dan mentions is about 1 grain lighter. How about we customers make them advertise velocity with a realistic weight lead pellet we are likely to use. I doubt this gun could hit 900fps with a lead pellet with a back breeze. Thank you Robert for asking this question. I'm sick of inflated velocity numbers using super light pellets and not telling us that part. Ken W. from Massachusetts.

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      According to the video, 1,182 fps with H&N 5.56 lead free pellets.

  • danielcatt from USA asked:

    can I buy open sight kit for this rifle?

    • Charles from Canada:

      You can buy one with opens sights on a removable carry handle

  • danielcatt from USA asked:

    Scope is crap, tried red dot, with better results, .Any suggestions for after market open sights??

    • Tyler from USA:

      Most standard AR sights will work on it. Anything that can attach to a weaver/picatinny rail.

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