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    Evanix MAX Bullpup

    • MARLON from USA asked:

      .25 cal what are the velocities after the 20th shot to the 30th. 20 is a low shot count for hunting.

      • John from USA asked:

        can you put a bipod on this gun,if so what kind

        • Robert from USA:

          Look at the customer pics if you think that you can't put a bipod on it. I did it. It wasn't hard. I bought a certain rail from Vector Optics and mounted it under the battery cover(using existing holes in the battery cover) and then put on my bipod. I used 4 more of the same rails and used existing holes in the frame to put camo covers on both sides. Look at the customer pics.

        • John from USA:


        • Dan from USA:

          No, you would have to use shooting sticks or a monopod.

      • DAVID from USA asked:

        I have the evanix max .22. what would be the maximum grain on the pellet. I know if too long they wont work in the magazine. I had the same issue with my evanix 9mm.

        • John from USA asked:

          RE: The full-auto option disappearing after 1.4.14 So what happened? Lack of sales or some sort of regulation? The fully automatic model was going to be my dream gun.

          • Robert from USA:

            With the politics of guns being such a heated issue, it's my strong opinion that even though it would be legal Pyramyd Air didn't want to take the chance that someone would do something stupid with a fully automatic air rifle, so they made the business decision to import semi-auto only. If you are interested in buying one and making it fully auto talk to Saddle Mountain Gunsmith.

          • Nadav from Israel:

            i dont think someone really knows, from what i know this is use to be the full auto version and they converted it to fire only semi auto, but you can reverse it to fire full auto again.

        • DAVID from USA asked:

          I got the max 9mm semi auto. I see where the full auto switch use to be. can it have the full auto switch put back on.

          • Val from USA:

            call Saddle Mountain Gunsmith, they install them

        • DAVID from USA asked:

          what is the best pellet for the evanix max bullpup 9mm

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