Date: 30/8/2016 3:42

Gamo PT-85 CO2 Pistol

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  • Michael from USA asked:

    I cant be sure from the pics but does this have a fake ejection port like some of the other blowback pellet guns - the sig 250 for example?

    • Michael from USA asked:

      The velocity cited is with 4.1 gr ammo. If I'm using something higher, say 7.9 gr, how big a drop in velocity should I expect? 50 fps? more?

      • al from USA asked:

        can you use BB's in this gun

        • Michael from USA:

          Not an answer, but if it has a rotary mag, how can it be designed for pellets only? Technically if the BB fits why wouldn't it fire? Honestly curious.

        • Stanley from USA:

          Designed for pellets only.

      • Gregory from Canada asked:

        Has anyone used a chrony to know how fast the pt85 shoots regular 7-8grain pellets?

        • Gregory from Canada asked:

          Is the barrel extension available extra so I could turn my regular pt85 into the tactical model?

          • bill from USA asked:

            what is the purpose of the screw on the rear sight mount

            • Aaron from USA asked:

              What decent paddle holster will fit this? I like to carry it around the yard sometimes for easy access when the chipmunks are a problem. It doesn't fit any of my 1911&Rail or springfield xd40 serpa holsters. What real gun would it be the same size of holster wise?

              • Cory from USA:

                You would need to get a generic style auto holster for it. We do not recommend this gun for hunting as it has too slow velocity.

            • Richard from USA asked:

              can you mount a red dot even with extra mounts?

              • Jerry from USA:


            • GH from USA asked:

              Is this gun the same as the pt-85 tactical without all the attachments?

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                Yes, but this one doesn't have the threaded straw barrel.

            • Derek from Canada asked:

              what is the Gamo PT-85 made of metal or plastic

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                A good mixture of both, 1 1/2 pounds.

            • Rodney from USA asked:

              does the blowback advance the next pellet so the trigger only fires the pellet and does not advance the pellet?

              • Jerry from USA:

                yes, the trigger advances the next pellet

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                No, the pistol uses the mag in a way more similar to a revolver.