Hammerli 850 AirMagnum

  • John from USA asked:

    There is on the internet a conversion unit which will allow a 12 gm CO2 cartridge to replace the 88 gm one. It is only 5 inches long. Would this allow changing the 12 gm cartridge without removing the adapter?

    • Robert from USA asked:

      Does someone make an affordable wood stock for the gun

      • Bill from USA asked:

        How do you move front sight to adjust aim?

        • ahkell from USA:

          Just like setting elevation on your M4

        • ahkell from USA:

          opposite poi. Front post up, impact will be lower. Post down, impact higher. post left, impact right etc. Got it? The opposite way that the rear sight works.

      • William from USA asked:

        This gun doesn't appear to have much recoil? Does that mean it could utilize most any scope rather than one made specially for air guns?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Correct, you can use whatever you want.

      • Gregg from USA asked:

        Does the .177 come bundled with the scope

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          If you buy the ultimate bundle.

      • Janice from USA asked:

        Will You Waste A Lot Of Co2 If You Are Only Going To Shoot About 50 Shots At A Time?

        • William from USA:

          88 gram cylinders cannot be removed without losing all their gas. If you buy the 12 gram conversion cylinder, which takes 2 - 12 gram cylinders, it can be removed without loss of gas, and later on you can put it back in and shoot again without changing out the old 12 gram units.

        • Jerry from USA:

          yes because we don t recommend leaving CO2 stored in the gun

      • Jorge from USA asked:

        Can the magazine hold longer pallets like the Baracuda Magnum or JSB Exact Monsters?

        • Dan the Man from USA:


      • Ron from USA asked:

        Ok then how long can you keep the co2 cyl in the gun?

        • Val from USA:

          You can keep it there indefinitely as long as you don't store it in the open area where it has a chance to get too hot. Always use pelgun oil and that will ensure your seals are lubricated and will not dry out.

      • Ron from USA asked:

        can you take out the co2 cartridge without losing the co2?

        • Val from USA:

          no, you cannot

      • Brian from USA asked:

        What FPS can I honestly expect in 22cal?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Specs say 655 fps usually pretty close to that figure , chrony to be sure.

      • Jack from Canada asked:

        you offer a compensator for this rifle will it make it quieter,more accuate in windy weather and do you have to remove the front sight to install

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Pyramyd doesn't offer anything like that.

      • Jack from Canada asked:

        what is the longest pellet the mag will take

        • Cory from USA:

          in 22 it would be approx. .385 and in .177 .3 but the shape of the pellet will also be important for it to feed correctly so this is not a guaranteed size limitation.