Date: 18/8/2017 19:6

Hammerli 850 AirMagnum

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  • Charles from USA asked:

    Where can I buy 88 gram co2 bottle seals for my Hammerli 850. in the USA online

    • Armando from USA asked:

      can you get this rifle with the minelis stock?

      • Michael from USA asked:

        Is it possible to transfer this gun to an aftermarket wooden stock?

        • Michael from USA asked:

          Anyone have any idea what the barrel diameter is?

          • Wes from USA asked:

            Would this rifle (in .22 cal.) be suitable for squirrel hunting under 25 yards?

            • Val from USA:

              Under 25 yards - yes

          • Jeff from USA asked:

            I just purchased a Hammerli 850 air magnum rifle and bought a Bushnell trophy xlt scope. What mounts should I buy?

            • Carlton from USA:

              Get a dovetail to weaver adapter mount. Use high see thru scope rings for weaver/pic rail so scope objective will rise above the front sight. For smaller than 50mm objective, use medium hight rings. Make sure to match rings to scope tube. . .1" etc. . .

          • william from USA asked:

            How long can you leave a 88gram co2 cartridge in the gun once it's been punctured without it leaking out?

            • Stanley from USA:

              Indefinitely as long as you don't store in a open where it has a chance of getting to hot . Always use pelgun oil to keep the seals fresh.

          • John from USA asked:

            There is on the internet a conversion unit which will allow a 12 gm CO2 cartridge to replace the 88 gm one. It is only 5 inches long. Would this allow changing the 12 gm cartridge without removing the adapter?

            • Carlton from USA:

              The adapter holds two 12gr co2's. The loaded adapter is used in place of the one 88gr co2. You must screw it in to use and screw it out to change co2's.

            • Stanley from USA:

              In the recommended accessories section below it shows the 2 / 12 gram Co2 adaptor it sells for 100.00 dollars.

          • Robert from USA asked:

            Does someone make an affordable wood stock for the gun

            • Stanley from USA:

              Doubtful you would need to contact Hammerli to inquire?

          • Bill from USA asked:

            How do you move front sight to adjust aim?

            • ahkell from USA:

              Just like setting elevation on your M4

            • ahkell from USA:

              opposite poi. Front post up, impact will be lower. Post down, impact higher. post left, impact right etc. Got it? The opposite way that the rear sight works.

          • William from USA asked:

            This gun doesn't appear to have much recoil? Does that mean it could utilize most any scope rather than one made specially for air guns?

            • Carlton from USA:

              I second that answer.

            • Dan the Man from USA:

              Correct, you can use whatever you want.

          • Gregg from USA asked:

            Does the .177 come bundled with the scope

            • Dan the Man from USA:

              If you buy the ultimate bundle.

          • Janice from USA asked:

            Will You Waste A Lot Of Co2 If You Are Only Going To Shoot About 50 Shots At A Time?

            • Carlton from USA:

              The 88gr can be left in the rifle for a few days. . .see above reply. Take out if storing rifle for lengthy period. I also aske this quest o on to the PR expert on the web site.

            • William from USA:

              88 gram cylinders cannot be removed without losing all their gas. If you buy the 12 gram conversion cylinder, which takes 2 - 12 gram cylinders, it can be removed without loss of gas, and later on you can put it back in and shoot again without changing out the old 12 gram units.

            • Jerry from USA:

              yes because we don t recommend leaving CO2 stored in the gun

          • Jorge from USA asked:

            Can the magazine hold longer pallets like the Baracuda Magnum or JSB Exact Monsters?

            • Carlton from USA:

              No. . .best to stick with domes, wadcutters or hollowpoint. Recess pellets (pellet pen) inti the magazine.

            • Dan the Man from USA:


          • Ron from USA asked:

            Ok then how long can you keep the co2 cyl in the gun?

            • Val from USA:

              You can keep it there indefinitely as long as you don't store it in the open area where it has a chance to get too hot. Always use pelgun oil and that will ensure your seals are lubricated and will not dry out.

          • Ron from USA asked:

            can you take out the co2 cartridge without losing the co2?

            • Val from USA:

              no, you cannot

          • Brian from USA asked:

            What FPS can I honestly expect in 22cal?

            • Carlton from USA:

              Have not done chrony but both the .177 and .22 pack a pretty good accutate punch. I have used both on pest at short range up to 25yds. . .especially birds.

            • Stanley from USA:

              Specs say 655 fps usually pretty close to that figure , chrony to be sure.

          • Jack from Canada asked:

            you offer a compensator for this rifle will it make it quieter,more accuate in windy weather and do you have to remove the front sight to install

            • Carlton from USA:

              Electrical tape on the compensator will reduce noise level. The front sight has to be unscrewed and taken off. Under it when off you will see another hole further back to screw sight back on. The compensator will fit perfectly on and around the repositioned sight. Very easy to do. Or you can leave sight off altogether.

            • Maatt from USA:

              The compensator (#RWS-2251005) doesn't reduce the sound by itself, but if you cover the holes on the compensator (tape or big heat shrink tubing) the report is greatly reduced. Don't see how it would help in windy weather. I didn't have the front sight on when I mounted the compensator so I can't say for sure if it has to go.

            • Dan the Man from USA:

              Pyramyd doesn't offer anything like that.

          • Jack from Canada asked:

            what is the longest pellet the mag will take

            • Carlton from USA:

              Do not use pellets like Predator Polymags or any pointed pellets. Stick with standard 7-8 gr wadcutter, domes and/or hollow points like Crossman Beeman or H&N etc. Recess into magazine. Trust me. . .you DO NOT want a jam from an over extended too long pellet! 14.5 gr RWS Superdomes in .22.

            • Cory from USA:

              in 22 it would be approx. .385 and in .177 .3 but the shape of the pellet will also be important for it to feed correctly so this is not a guaranteed size limitation.