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    Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo, Walnut Stock

    • Frederick from USA asked:

      What is the cocking effort? I sometimes do a lot of shooting per session.

      • Stanley from USA:

        35 to 40 pounds

    • Boris from USA asked:

      Is the barrel brass?

      • Dan from USA:

        No, it's steel.

    • Boris from USA asked:

      How do you maintain it?

      • Dan from USA:

        Here's a link for the manual on pyramyd:

    • Kenneth from USA asked:

      Does this gun have the scope mount retainer pin hole in the barrel to keep the scope from moving back after shooting ?

      • Mike from USA:


    • Tigran from USA asked:

      how loud is the gun

      • Mike from USA:

        I have since shot some targets with the neighbors outside. They were 150 ft away and were not bothered at all. Great rifle.

      • Mike from USA:

        I own the Hatsan 95 .177 too and have shot it at point blank range next to my iPad at about three inches. Using a decibel app I consistently get 90db. I have also stood on my neighbors patio 100 feet away as a friend fired it to give it a "listen" test. It sounded like some one hit a 2x4 with a hammer with a medium blow.

      • Tyler from USA:

        We do not have a decible rating on the 95 but I would say it is a bit louder. If you have neighbors close by or need something quieter, look at the model 85 sniper.

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