SIG Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Pistol

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  • Thomas from USA asked:

    Does anyone know if you can buy replacement parts for this gun? I was using it as film prop and one of the takes, the font 8th of the slide sheared off the gun and flew off (terrifyingly fast, I might add) - I'm sure we dropped it at some point while filming - I've had this one for a while now - but if I can find a replacement slide, I don't think I'll need to buy a whole new gun to replace it. Otherwise, really solid airgun far as I could tell

    • Wenze from USA asked:

      Does this gun have orange tip on it?

      • Richelle from USA:

        No, it does not.

      • Dan the Man from USA:


      • Tyler from USA:

        No, only airsoft guns have orange tips

      • Ashley from USA:


    • Matthew from USA asked:

      Can OEM Sig Sauer grips from the real steel fit on to this pistol? I know the back portion would have to be modded due to the ambi-safety, but in regards to the size, would they fit?

      • Jerry from USA:

        we don't have that specific information

    • Jun from USA asked:

      should I get this or the walther cp 88 for my 11 year old

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        It might be a little heavy for your kid.

    • Vanderlei from Brazil asked:

      I`d like to know if you can send me CO2 Cartridges by Post office or other way to send ti to me in Brazil. This gun is not forbiden in Brazil, I ask you that just because you say you can`t sent it by air. So I need CO2 to play with this gun.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        We're sorry, but co2 can't be shipped internationally.

    • clyde from USA asked:

      i have a blank fire pistol and gun oil came with it, can i use this oil in my b pistol

      • Tyler from USA:

        Not knowing what oil it is, I would not recommend it. I would only use Crosman Pellgun Oil

    • Thomas from USA asked:

      Looking to possibly purchase this gun to use as a film prop when it is impractical to use blank guns - does anyone know if you can "dry fire" this one without the slide locking back after every shot?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Not without holding down the slide release. You still would need to use pellgun oil as well.