Date: 29/11/2015 2:24

Sumatra 2500, 500cc Reservoir

  • elige from USA asked:

    can you do a video of a easy way to put o rings on a probe for the 50 cal dragon claw? thank you Elige

    • Gordon from USA asked:

      And how loud is it? I moved from the country into a city subdivision. Still have my big guns but can't shoot them here! Need something I can plink around with. Any ideas would be welcome.

      • Robert from USA:

        The gun is very loud, I put a DLC on it and now it is back yard friendly.

    • Gordon from USA asked:

      May refuel this bad boy with a 3000 psi scuba tank?

      • michael from USA asked:

        can i refile the tank with my small air compressor that i put air in my car tires?

        • Big Shady from USA:


        • Stanley from USA:

          Those compressors don't develop enough air pressure required to fill a pcp gun. So no you can't. You would need a high pressure pump or high pressure compressor to do the job. If you click on the PCP Hookup tab it will tell you what you would need.

      • anibal from Chile asked:

        I want to buy this gun, but i dont know nothing about the accessories. I want to buy an air tank but i need an adapter too?? If i buy this tank i need anything else??

        • Ronald from USA asked:

          Does anyone know the size of the thread on the barrel and where I can buy an adapter for it?

          • Jason from USA:

            You dont need an adapter to add the Wolf silencer and it works fantastic!

          • Stanley from USA:

            If your looking for moderators for the barrel, thread size is 1/2 UNF . You might try the internet for moderators. P.A. also stocks a foster fill adaptor (PY-A-2841) so you don't have to use the probe that comes with the rifle, makes filling a lot easier.

        • james from USA asked:

          Do you have to buy all the accessories before shooting the air gun?

          • Jason from USA:

            Mine came with enough air for 10 shots, you will need a pump and the foster male quick disconnect adapter that screws on the rifle becuse the fill prob that comes with it sucks!

          • Val from USA:

            You need a way to charging the gun (pump, tank, etc)

        • don from USA asked:

          How do you install a quick disconnect on the sumartra

          • Matthew from USA:

            It's very easy: insert a screwdriver in your fill port as a lever and crack it loose, unscrew by hand. Take out the old o-ring and install the one that comes with Pyramyd's AVMaleCoupling [Quick-Disconnect Male Fitting + O-Ring...] (or other Foster adapter Pyramyd's is far from the only one you can get but the recent price drop does make it the cheapest...), screw on hand tight, and then snub it on firmly with a wrench (not too tight, or you could damage the threads) that's it! No need to de-air the gun as the fill check-valve is a separate assembly deeper in and will not be effected by replacing the fill port.

        • wayne from Canada asked:

          Is there a silencer available that will screw onto the threaded barrel of this rifle

          • Jason from USA:

            Yes Wolf air tools makes one just for the sumatra for 89.00 bucks and it works fantastic and looks awsome!

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            Pyramyd doesn't offer one.

        • jasper from USA asked:

          i really want dis gun but no one can give me a strait answer when its gone be in stock i got 5 tins of pellets .25cal does anyone know?

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            Looks like it should be in on 1/30/15

        • Geno from USA asked:

          Where can I buy a single shot tray thanks in advance

          • Cory from USA:

            I am not aware of any being available for this model.

        • jasper from USA asked:

          What's the fpe lost from carbine being about 5 in shorter in 25cal

          • Cory from USA:

            That is a difficult question to answer and has many variables. I would suspect a minimum of 100fps.

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            You lose around 90 fps.

        • Dave from USA asked:

          How is the Accuracy effected? Looking at the 12 shot speed chart done by your Tech. Department. or to put it another way, If I aim "dead-on" at a rabbit at 75 yards, shoot 3 more times, than again shoot at a rabbit at 75 yards, is the point of aim Predictable? Is this a normal amount of "fps" change where every shot is traveling slower then the previous shot?

          • Erika from USA:

            Yes, it is predictable and with a pcp rifle you can expect to have a change in velocity. The more you shoot and get to know your gun it will become second nature and you will know almost exactly where to aim

        • cang from USA asked:

          how does to pump for this gun?

          • rat from USA:

            it takes a while

        • Vegas052 from USA asked:

          whats the biggest animal i can humanly kill with sumatra 25 cal

          • Jason from USA:

            ive taken large coons with mine and would say that 80 yrds is the clean kill limit of this rifle on medium sized game.

          • DaveB from USA:

            You can take feral hogs with headshots and heart lung shots within 50 yards. But, you need to shoot slugs and it helps if you have the Sumatra tuned by Saddle Mountain Gunsmith. The tuning can be done for $200.

          • rat from USA:

            fox or coyote