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    Customer images for H&K USP CO2 BB Pistol -

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    • USP - Here is my USP, fits perfectly in my H&K pistol case I bought from Germany. Truly a fun pistol to shoot!
    • H&K USP - my H&K USP. I LOVE this gun!
    • H&K Field Stripped - Very easy gun to strip for Maint.
    • H&K USP art - very nice looking gun

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    Heckler & Koch H&K USP CO2 BB Pistol Air gun

    H&K USP CO2 BB Pistol

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    22-Shot Repeater, Removable Mag
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    4.5 (55 reviews)

    From: Umarex > Heckler & Koch, Umarex > Heckler & Koch

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