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  • Norica Goliath 88 - This is the Norica Goliath 88. It comes with a super cool iluminated
red dot, the batteries were included. The red dot light intensity is adjustable. Comes with a free 250 pellets container. The stock is extendable by pushing a button. Its really powerful and accurate. Its very confortable to hold and feels exactly like a real sub-machine gun.
  • Norica Goliath 88 - The Goliath 88
  • Norica Goliath 88 - The Norica Goliath 88 comes with an awesome red dot. The red dot comes with two covers to protect the lens from scratches and the dot light intensity is adjustable by a regulator knob. It also has elevation and windage regulators. The batteries for this red dot came free, aswell as a container of 250 pellets. This red dot is made of metal, which I think might be some sort of aluminum alloy. The lens are coated to increase performance during night time and low light conditions; this is why the lens is red. I found this red dot to be very accurate. It was pre-mounted on the rifle so no assembly was required.
  • Norica Goliath 88 packaging - Here we see how the Norica Goliath 88 comes out of the box. The rifle itself is packed in a plastic bag. Also we can see the free 250 pellet container and the owner's manual. The red dot is pre-mounted on the rifle and no assembly is required. I ordered this gun on a Thursday and it arrived the next Tuesday. It was shipped in less than a week.
  • Norica Goliath 88 - Here we see the extendible stock on the Norica Goliath 88. You push the button to extend or retract the stock. I found this to be very useful since you can effectively shrink the gun for transportation and extend it during shooting. The butt plate itself has rubber that protects the gun from scratches should you drop it or mistreat it.
  • Looking thru the Red Dot - Here I have turned on the Red Dot and I am aiming at my ceiling. It is extremely useful in low light conditions since the red dot remains visible regardless of how dark the area is. The intensity of this red dot can be adjusted by a regulator knob on the top. It has 11 intensity settings. The Red Dot never creeps during shooting because the rail where it is mounted has these "square teeth" (I don't know the formal name) that keep it in place. The batteries for this red dot came free with the gun.

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Norica Goliath 88 Classic Carbine Combo Air rifle

Norica Goliath 88 Classic Carbine Combo

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Incl. Red Dot Sight, Mount & Muzzlebrake
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