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    Customer images for Walther CP99 Compact -

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    • CP99 Compact - Camo finish using Desert Brown and Tan
    • CP99 Compact - Picked it up at a garage sale.  Needed a serious cleaning, but still works well.
    • CP99c - RL from El Paso, TX
    • CP99c - RL from El Paso, TX
    • CP99c - Walther and Tech Force
    • CP99c - RL
    • CP99c - RL
    • CP99c - RL
    • CP99c - RL
    • CP99c - RL
    • CP99c - RL
    • CP99c - RL
    • Walther CP99 Compact - Another picture of my Walther CP99 Compact.
    • Walther CP99 is Awesome!!! - I recently purchased the Walther CP99 from and I'm very impressed with the performance of this air pistol. The quality of the piece is way above my expectations. I am a very happy customer! Thanks Pyramid
    • Polished Up - I decided to go ahead and polish my cp99 compact by using some fine grit sand paper and a Dremel polishing tool with some polish to get a nicel silver finish. In action this pistol achieves decent accuracy for a blowback pistol with only a 3.5 inch barrel.
    • Cp99 Range Shooting - The cp99 is a really fun gun to shoot! Especially shooting soda cans on a nice summer day like in this photo. I found this gun pretty accurate when I was shooting soda cans free standing at 30ft and hitting them consistently!
    • Soda can hits - It was a nice summer day so I shot some soda cans with my walther cp99s.  I really like these guns that's why I bought two of them!
    • CP99 compact  - Beast

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    Walther CP99 Compact Air gun

    Walther CP99 Compact

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    CO2 blowback
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