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  • 16 yards target size 1 inch 1/4 bull - shot out of a ben discovery at 16 yards 5 shots
  • pellets and rifling  - Try these in your benjamin discovery they can be magical . Ive shot twenty thousand of these in my discos , how do i know that i keep all my pellet cans.l stumbled upon these by randomly buying several varietys of pellets and weights for testing in new guns when i get them .these are made by Jsb for air arms .they are thhe same as JSB RS EXACT 13.43 grain just labled different and for some reason cheaper .if you are fighting flyers  you dont have good rifling on your pellet . There will be rifling on the skirt but probably not much of the head .all the pellets in the photo were problem barrels replaced because of shooting eradically . The center pellet in the top row as you can see is the only one with good rifling and its the best airgun ive ever had .its in a benjamin marauder. 
To know if its your barrel shove a pellet thru then with a rod or shootintosomething that wont damage the pelet so much clay for example look at the pellet with a magnifying glass or magnifier app on your phone .if you have little, no , sporadic or inconsistant rifling around the head of the pellet youve found the source of your flyers .barrel replacement is the only fix .you can try some H&N  pellets they have a good selection of larger head sizes 5.3 ,  5.4 5.5 . You might get lucky but if its inconsistant or only halfway visable around the head youll still have flyers even with a tighter pellet .

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Air Arms Falcon .22 Cal, 5.52mm, 13.43 Grains, Domed, 500ct

Air Arms Falcon .22 Cal, 5.52mm, 13.43 Grains, Domed, 500ct

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AA-PAP25.52 [PY-P-716]

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4.5 (65 reviews)

From: Air Arms

Caliber: 0.22
Weight: 13.43 gr
Head Size: 5.52mm
Quantity: 500
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