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Customer Reviews by conor from USA

Beretta 92FS, Nickel, Black Grips

Beretta 92FS, Nickel, Black Grips Air gun
Review entered on 2010-10-30 23:12:19

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By conor from USA on 2010-10-30
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Things I liked: I carry and fire a beretta regularly. I purchased this weapon so I could practice quick draw exerecises at my home. Out of the box it was a very nice looking weapon. It feels very solid and the finish looks nice. The weight and feel is very close to the real thing. I got mine in the nickle finish and it does not look or feel like a toy "bb gun" at all. The case it was shipped in is crappy, however since I wasn't expecting a case at all it's just fine. OK, to the points. 1. Looks and feel- Beautiful weapon I'm actually proud to show people. They are allways suprised it is just a pellet gun. Without a side by side comparison I would say it is identical to the real one. Just by the feel, I think it is a little bit "thicker", but very close. The weight is excelent. 2. Mechanical- Excellent fit and finish;. Slide mechanism for loading fresh clips moves smoothly and feels solid. Gas does not leek. Have left loaded for 2 weeks in my shop and when I returned it was like i just loaded it. 3. Accuracy - Stupid accurate for a gas pistol. I dont normally shoot like this however, I can easily hit the butt end of a beer can with a single arm from 50 ft. Very consistant. It has 0 kick which almost takes the fun out of it because anything within 100 ft is easy game. Recommend A/A domed pellets included in package deal. For a CO2 pistol it is very powerful and consistant. Easily punches thru can bottoms. A little pricey but I am very happy with quality and will keep for many years.

Things I would have changed: Will somebody please make a pistol with an identcal magazine load mechanism so people can practice mag change drills!!! Also, dont marr up the beautiful slide with your company logo or stupid safety warnings. We get it, not a toy dont shoot your buddy. OK!!!

What others should know: I have heard it does not fit in a standard M-9 holster. Dont know, however I do have a SAFARILAND drop leg holster for a sig sauer fitted with a surefire that it fits in perfectly.