Product: Ruger Air Hawk Combo

Ruger Air Hawk Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-05-29 04:25:07

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:4.0 4.0

  By Kevin from USA on 2012-05-29
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4.52 ratings
Things I liked:The overall weight of the gun. While it is likely a bit too heavy for younger shooters, I found it to be the perfect weight for my taste. It is solidly built and has the heft of a quality gun. I like how easily one can adjust the rear sight and that, once it is properly sighted in, it is deadly accurate. The sights are fiber optic and light very well, making the iron sights extremely accurate and often better than the included scope. I purchased this gun at a local store which usually charges about twice what PyramydAir does but was having a sale and it was the same, so I bought it and saved on shipping (both cost and time). Unless you can find a similar deal locally, buy this here, and buy it now. It is worth the money. This gun is incredibly fun to shoot, but is more than a simple plinking gun. It has the accuracy to be a reliable hunting gun as well, meaning that this is well suited for a full range of intended activities. Also, this gun has a hefty recoil, ,so the scope stop on it is very much appreciated. However, it seems that the Air Hawk Elite with the thumbhole stock doesn't have the scope stop, so that is something to consider if deciding between the two.
Things I would have changed:The trigger is plastic, which makes it feel slightly cheap. The rest of the gun is metal and the stock is solid wood, but that plastic trigger assembly is annoying. It is a pretty smooth trigger and the fact that it is adjustable is great, but as it is one of the main things with which one interacts on the gun, it makes it feel a little cheaper than it actually is. Sort of like if you had a computer with ridiculously high-powered internals, but the screen was low-resolution and the peripherals were outdated. Even though you have a very solid, reliable, and overall high-quality built-to-last gun, the fact that with each shot you are feeling that plastic trigger sort of lessens the experience. Also, of course, the included scope could be better. But, since the better the scope the higher the cost, I am fine with the one as it is. I found it to be reasonably accurate, and for the money it is about right. It is essentially free since the gun alone is worth what you are paying for the combo. But to really explore the fullest of this gun's capabilities, one really must get a better scope. The difference is dramatic.
What others should know:The recoil on this gun is powerful, and while the screws come with factory-applied Loctite, you have to apply your own blue Loctite or the screws will work their way out, which apart from ruining your accuracy is generally annoying. And if one of the screws were to fall out altogether while you were outside and could not be retrieved, then you'd have to go out and replace it. Also related to the recoil, one ought to invest in a better scope mount--one of the lockdown 1-piece variety--as the included rings are pretty sub-par for this gun's power. I would almost suggest getting the non-combo version and buying your own scope and mount, as you will be anyways, but since the included scope is pretty serviceable for any amateur or casual shooter, the combo is still the best deal for the money. This gun is a bit loud for back yards, though if you explain to the neighbors beforehand, they may be okay with it. Often it is the shock of hearing it and not knowing what it is that turns them off to it. But tell them beforehand, explain that it is an airgun and you are exercising proper precautions, and it shouldn't be an issue. If you are young or a newbie and are only planning on plinking and target shooting, then this gun might be a bit much for you. I would suggest the Crosman 1077. For the price of this combo, you can get the 1077 and 80 CO2 powerlets and have a gun that is much better suited to your needs.

Product: Crosman 357W Airgun Revolver

Crosman 357W/3576 airgun revolver Air gun
Review entered on 2012-06-04 22:22:19

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Kevin from USA on 2012-06-04
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5.02 ratings
Things I liked:The weight and feel of the gun. The nearly all metal construction, except for the plastic barrel shroud and grips that house the CO2. The fully adjustable rear sight that makes this gun perfectly acccurate. I found that you can stack shots no problem out to twenty feet (the farthest I have been able to test so far), it is just a matter of getting it sighted in. Once it is, you are all set. The single and double action, while standard for a revolver air gun, is still great fun. In single action, the gun has a nice light pull and crisp break, and it is exceptionally smooth in double action. The price. This is easily worth 2x+ the current price. The CO2 puncture was particularly effective. The S/M M&P 45 lets out a small bit of CO2 as the cartridge is pierced, but this one does not, which means you are getting the full power of your shots and the fullest longevity of your cartridges.
Things I would have changed:Not much of anything, although it would be nice to have the barrel fully metal and a rubber grip rather than the plastic. However, as it is it is an amazing gun, and as doing that would up the price, it is not essentail. It would be nice to offer the option, though, for those who are able/willing to pay the extra. Another addition would be to make the cylinder actually move. As of now it is molded in, but if it revolved, it would add that much to the fun of the gun.
What others should know:Use as thick a pellet as possible (of .177 caliber, of course). You want a nice tight fit, as the pellets may slip out if the skirt is a bit smaller. other than that, not much. Obviously, as always, the heavier the pellet the better your accuracy will be. Also, if you will use it in the back yard know that this gun has a nice pop on it, so you may want to use it during the day so as not to disturb neighbors early in the morning or in the evening. And if this is your first pellet gun, and they aren't accustomed to you shooting in the backyard, maybe fill them in so that they aren't alarmed by the unexplained sounds. Some people seem to (over)react badly to things like that, but taking the time to demonstrate that basic courtesy may keep them from giving you a hard time.
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