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    Product: Benjamin NPS Air Rifle

    Benjamin NPS Air Rifle Air rifle
    Review entered on 2009-12-10 16:48:44

    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:5 5.0

      By MobyMyster from USA on 2009-12-10
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    31 rating
    Things I liked:Not much. Nice overall finish to the metal parts. Center Point scope is crystal clear and compliments the gun nicely. Sighting in the scope was a snap about 1" to the left and 3" low - but shot a NICE GROUP easily covered with a dime. This is with only 10 or so shots thru it - not broke in yet. Cocking is fairly easy and the gun is definately quite.
    Things I would have changed:Not too fond of the safety location - in front of the trigger - but I'll get used to it.
    What others should know:Nice that this is American Made. For the money I think this one is a WINNER. Made my first squirrel kill this morning off one of my bird feeders....about 30- 35 feet....he never knew what hit him....Shooting Crosman Premier Hollow Points. 22 caliber is the way to go for backyard pests control.....

    Product: Air Arms S510 Carbine Thumbhole, Sidelever

    Air Arms S510 Carbine Thumbhole, Sidelever Air rifle
    Review entered on 2011-12-30 17:30:56

    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:5 5.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By MobyMyster from USA on 2011-12-30
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    51 rating
    Things I liked:I already own a S410 SL EXTRA FAC in 22cal but wanted a carbine. This carbine is absolutely fantastic - everything I hoped for. Wood (walnut thumb hole) is outstanding. Metal to wood finishing is top notch as well. Attention to detail is the usual AA quality.
    Things I would have changed:THE SAFETY ON THE TRIGGER. Hello AA, is anybody there? Every AA owner I know with this safety hates it. Please change the location of the safety.
    What others should know:Much louder than my S410. Much louder...! To be "backyard friendly" you're gonna want a LDC. Nuts on a real shooter tho. Likes JSB's in 16 and 18gr. Shooting JSB 18's @ 50% & 100% power chronys out at 718 & 887 respectfully. The 16 grainers @ 50 & 100% power, chrony at 753 & 910 respectfully. Shooting the 18gr @ 50% power at 25 yds can easily be covered with a dime. Haven't tried longer ranges yet as mother nature is into her "windy" faze. But if this carbine shoots line my S410 EXTRA at distances - I'll be double happy.
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