Product: IZH 53M Air pistol

IZH-Baikal IZH 53M Air pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2007-09-12 16:39:42

Overall rating:3.0 3.0

Value for money:3.0 3.0

Accuracy:3.0 3.0

  By giancarlo from USA on 2007-09-12
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Things I liked:long barrel, and definatly a nice trigger. And i REALLY liked the "depressable" front sight, nice touch and practical.
Things I would have changed:The sights are completly usless, I read other reviews and couldnt belive what they were saying so I bought this air gun anyways, WHOA they were right the sights can NOT reach the travel of the pellet!! I couldnt belive it !even with the elevation adjusted ALL the way the sights on my gun did not even come CLOSE to the pellet at 25 feet!!! And when I say "not close" I mean about 1-2 inches away at 25 feet!!! Also I must admit I was disapointed with the power if you shoot a orange at 25 feet (although accurate) it will somtimes bounce right off the orange instead of penetrating it!!!
What others should know:I had no other choice but to return the gun or remove the sights, Well i only paid about 50.00 dollars for the gun and didnt want to spend the money to ship it back. I removed the rear sight and replaced it with a cheap $20.00 laser sight and I was QUITE SURPRISED at the accuraccy??? It is right on at 25 feet witha little practice (if you are used to sprigers, I own many)

Product: Beeman P17 Kit

Beeman P17 Kit Air gun
Review entered on 2007-09-12 17:04:03

Overall rating:2.0 2.0

Value for money:2.0 2.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By giancarlo from USA on 2007-09-12
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5.01 rating
Things I liked:Amazingly accurate!!! Solid feel Nice sights Great trigger Comfortable
Things I would have changed:I would make this air gun more durable, read my comments below.
What others should know:I have somthing to say about the value of this gun. I was completely amazed at the accuracy let me say that first. I own 12 air guns and I and pretty pleased with most of them. This pistol has REALLY AMAZING ACCURACY. My first impression was "I cant belive this was $50.00!!!" It has a nice trigger, it is super comfortable an easy to aquire a target. YES it is very difficult to load, my father cant even do it because his fingers arnt nimble enough. (and hes a avid "firearm" shooter) I dont mid that though.. REALLY it is that fun, beacuse of its accuracy. Here is MY two problems. I bought two of these guns one for my father and one for me both from pyramid air. Let me say this.. The price is comparable to others but that red dot sight is complete JUNK!! both sights (from each gun purchased, on different orders) proved completely worthless. Let me attempt to explain... The windage "nobs" on both sights have absolutely NO RESISTANCE!!! I can quite LITERALLY blow air from my lips and turn the windage nobs!!!!!! My father was amazed at the "poorness" of these sights. I love Pyramyd Air and will comtinue to buy from them BUT these things are such a gimick its really unbelievable. And the fact that both of them are like that leads me to belive it is why they are offered for free??? READ THIS MOST IMPORTANTLY: The gun I bought gets shot much more often that the one I bought for my father, and after only 1 tin of Gamo pellets (or two days of firing it) MY GUN DOES NOT HOLD A CHARGE OF AIR ANY MORE!!! I was SO dissapointed, Until then that airgun was the BEST Purchase ever! It seemed so well made for the price I paid? I did not even bother telling Pyramyd Air beacuse I didnt want to pay to ship it back, Also they were so nice about leting me return a "Horrible" made in China Beeman that I was afraid of becoming a nusance (in retrospect I wish I had, my dad keeps sayn "Told you so") I still have the gun to show my friends how disapointing the purchase was, and most people try to pump it up but it barley hase enough power to put a pellet all the way through the barrel!!! HOWEVER every now and again it seems to charge up enought to shoot a peelet about 2-3 hundred feet per second but only like every 10-15 shots!!! : ( I am SO dissapointed.
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