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    Product: Weihrauch HW50S Breakbarrel Rifle

    Weihrauch HW50S Breakbarrel Rifle Air rifle
    Review entered on 2012-12-29 14:24:55

    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

    Accuracy:5.0 5.0

      By Michael from USA on 2012-12-29
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    5.01 rating
    Things I liked:Clean barrel out of the box, nice. The open sights were already dead on for 10 meters, right out of the box! The trigger is delightful and needs no adjustment for me, long, smooth, very light 1st stage followed by a distinct, short, crisp, light 2nd stage. Immaculate woodwork and metalwork/bluing. No vibration or twang, merely a single, quick thump with each shot. Superb bench supported off hand accuracy at 10 meters with a loose hold. I have not yet chronied it as I feel that any springer with fewer than 500 shots will not tell you anything meaningful. Also, I am a LEFTY, and the stock and wrist are completely ambidextrous. The buttstock has identical, shallow cheek pieces on both sides! This rifle oozes quality.
    Things I would have changed:It's a bit loud for its power range, although I'm primarily a basement shooter, so that is OK with me. I will have to wear hearing protection with this one.
    What others should know:Crosman Premier Lights are a slightly tight fit and require the use of a seating tool, although the rifle groups exceptionally well with them. At FIRST the cocking was slightly gritty and probably about 31 to 33 lbs., but after just 10 shots I could feel it start to smooth out and lighten a bit. After 50 shots, I'd guess it is now about 27 lbs., and there is no grittiness at all. I could easily imagine it settling down to about 21 to 23 lbs. of cocking effort after a thousand shots. My particular rifle weighs 6.4 lbs. on my regularly calibrated digital postal scale. This must be unusually light for this model, but my experience is that one chunk of any species of wood varies a LOT in weight from others of the same species because of moisture content and density. This stock is only medium sized, but I believe a variation of up to 20 ounces is possible from rifle to rifle. It is also AMBIDEXTROUS! (See above.)

    Product: Makarov Ultra Blowback CO2 Pistol

    Legends Makarov Ultra Blowback CO2 Pistol Air gun
    Review entered on 2014-02-20 11:07:11

    Overall rating:1.0 1.0

    Value for money:1.0 1.0

    Accuracy:2.0 2.0

      By Michael from USA on 2014-02-20
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    2.02 ratings
    Things I liked:Nice heft, realistic look, overall more solid feel in the hand than the non-blowback Umarex version. Strips like real pistol.
    Things I would have changed:WORST. TRIGGER. EVER. Long, creepy, gritty, jerky and UNPREDICTABLE (!) first stage followed by HEAVY, also unpredictable, creepy second stage. This is the single worst trigger I have ever, ever encountered. The pull is always awful, but it changes from one shot to the next. Sometimes there is grittiness in the first stage, sometimes not. Sometimes in the first stage there are stops and starts, other times not. The second stage is like pulling a school bus in neutral with your finger. No, I did not get the impression that my pistol was defective. It was consistently like this for two whole magazines and everything else (CO2 installation, blowback, shot consistency, safety, etc.) functioned properly. Velocity seemed (did not chrony) normal, accuracy was almost acceptable, but good accuracy is impossible with this trigger.
    What others should know:Do not, I repeat, do NOT buy this gun, unless you plan to use it as a prop only, perhaps at a Halloween party or in your friend's student project for a film making class. I returned mine after the first day. (Good return service from Pyramyd Air, BTW.)

    Product: Makarov CO2 BB Pistol

    Legends Makarov CO2 BB Pistol Air gun
    Review entered on 2014-02-20 11:19:32

    Overall rating:3.0 3.0

    Value for money:2.0 2.0

    Accuracy:3.0 3.0

      By Michael from USA on 2014-02-20
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    0.00 ratings
    Things I liked:Metal construction, nice feel in the hand. Decent accuracy. Easy on CO2.
    Things I would have changed:With the BB pistol market as competitive as it is today, this gun is about $10 overpriced.
    What others should know:Overrated accuracy. This pistol's reputation for accuracy is inflated and based solely on its performance with Avanti Precision Ground Shot. My Umarex Beretta Elite II and Dan Wesson 8 inch revolver are more accurate than the Makarov, even with Copperheads; these last two guns are MUCH more accurate than the Mak when I put Avanti Precision Shot in them. The same with Daisy Premium Grade and Umarex BBs.

    Product: Dan Wesson 8" CO2 Pellet Revolver, Black

    Dan Wesson 8 inch CO2 Pellet Revolver, Black Air gun
    Review entered on 2014-07-24 15:22:55

    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

    Accuracy:5.0 5.0

      By Michael from USA on 2014-07-24
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    0.00 ratings
    Things I liked:Looks real, feels real, nice bluing, quiet, rifled barrel, shoots lead pellets, and unlike most pellet revolvers does not have a thin real cylinder in front if a large false one. Best of all, a nice, light trigger in both SA and DA!
    Things I would have changed:I can think of no improvements that could be made, realistically. Make it powerful enough to kill a Grizzly bear. Make it free. Make it drive my kids to and from school. Uh, right.
    What others should know:Pellets with exceptionally narrow skirts might not work with this gun as they can fall through the tip of the "bullet," but this is rare. With 3 different brands of pellets and 30 rounds of each, 3 individual pellets of 1 brand fell through to the ground. (Sorry, don't remember which brand pellet.) Also, a speedloader for this system would be of no benefit, although extra shells would be a good investment. One must load each pellet individually into each "bullet" and then screw the bullet into the cartridge. Placing the cartridge into a speedloader would be at least as time consuming as simply loading each round, individually, into the cylinder. The loading process of this air revolver is very similar to the loading process of a real swing-out revolver firearm with no speedloader, and therefore, it is actually kinda fun. I can think of no other airgun that is actually somewhat FUN to load. Besides, after six rapid-fire rounds the gun should have a minute to warm up anyway.
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