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    Product: Air Arms TX200 MkIII air rifle

    Air Arms TX200 MkIII air rifle Air rifle
    Review entered on 2012-12-10 08:26:21

    Overall rating:4.0 4.0

    Value for money:3.0 3.0

    Accuracy:4.0 4.0

      By Clifford from USA on 2012-12-10
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    Things I liked:Shot well EVENTUALLY; Got one of each caliber, package deals with scopes, rings etc. Shot the .22 first, it performed well. The .177 tested me. Tried close to a dozen brands of pellets, various holds at 10 and 25 yards. Groups progressively got worse. Checked rings and stock screws, no change. Tested the .177 with both supplied "package deal" scopes. Set the Hawke 2-7 scopes aside and substituted a dusty old BSA scope rated for air rifles... problem solved, after several tins this particular model of Hawke did not fare well mounted on the 2 AA springers I received. Both rifles grouped superbly with the alternate scope.
    Things I would have changed:As others stated, the cocking lever rubber bumper will fail in short order. Show pictures of "plain vanilla" walnut samples also to illustrate what may be furnished to the buyer.
    What others should know:Both walnut stocks while worthwhile upgrades, were not as nice as ANY of the photos I've seen submitted. Luck of the draw. Oddly mine prefered heavier domed pellets, especially CPH. Wadcutters did not do well. With the right scope, I believe these will grow on me.

    Product: Daisy Avanti Champion 499

    Daisy Avanti Champion 499 Air rifle
    Review entered on 2012-12-11 05:00:01

    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

    Accuracy:5.0 5.0

      By Clifford from USA on 2012-12-11
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    5.01 rating
    Things I liked:Simple. Nostalgic. Accurate. I am a double distinguished marksman, and a long range high master, yet still cannot escape this guns allure. My dad retrieved one from his brothers estate after his passing in February, having heard allll about how well it shot. Dad and I concur, and now I have one too. Dad and I live 1300 miles apart, and are now engaged in "postal match" type competition between our 499's. He and I own well over 100 pellet rifles, some of which are world class machines, yet these little Daisy BB guns make paper punching FUN!!!! AGAIN!!!! Try one and you'll be hooked. It's like having a chihuahua that hunts. Benched 12 out of 15 shots at 10 meters can be covered by a nickel... and dad's shoots BETTER than that! (BTW I'm 48, he's 77)
    Things I would have changed:No complaints. Others mentioned plastic cocking handle, mine (received Dec 2012) is metal, and the oft maligned medallion was in a baggie, letting the user decide if he/she wants it on the stock. The price is very fair for a specialty low volume item. Ordered the Ground Avanti BB's which to my suprise, contained 1050 BB's instead of the stated 500ct.
    What others should know:The actual barrel is firmly mated to a plastic BB-funnel at the muzzle, which fit the barrel shroud loosely allowing the barrel to wobble inside the gun when assembled for use, hindering accuracy. I cleaned the hidden corner where the plastic muzzle/funnel meets the forward edge of the outer barrel shroud, and built up that hidden area of the plastic muzzle piece with a few drops of super-glue, allowing it to fully cure before re-assembly. This eliminated the gap between the funnel and the shroud and now the barrel assembly (still removable) does not wobble, and great grouping became routine. The safety spring's short leg arrived too short to remain against the sear lever, so the trigger pull and re-set were erratic. This spring also holds the safety in either position, so the out of spec spring failed to keep the safety from flopping to and fro on its own. Managed to tweak the spring's geometry until all systems were a "go", and spring stayed where it belonged. Minor details. I have more than a few $1500 plus air guns, none of which could ever be as enjoyable on the same level. Less truly is more! The Daisy Avanti Champion 499 is a hoot.

    Product: Avanti Precision Ground Shot .177 Cal, 5.1 Grains, Steel BBs, 1050ct

    Daisy Avanti Precision Ground Shot .177 Cal, 5.1 Grains, Steel BBs, 1050ct
    Review entered on 2012-12-11 05:11:39

    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

    Size/Shape Distribution:5.0 5.0

      By Clifford from USA on 2012-12-11
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    Things I liked:Mine came in an oval clear jar, with 2 different openings for dispensing, which seems a little better than the illustrated container. Label stated there were 1050 BB's, which is over DOUBLE what the listing describes. Hoping that price point holds :)
    Things I would have changed:Great BB's
    What others should know:Works GREAT in the Avanti 499 Champion.
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