Product: Makarov CO2 BB Pistol

Legends Makarov CO2 BB Pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2013-06-08 18:20:22

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:3.0 3.0

  By Echo Bravo from USA on 2013-06-08
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5.02 ratings
Things I liked:Real nice heft to it, comparable to the real version of this gun. Nearly all components for the exception of the Grips are metal. The gun is relatively accurate, despite what I originally thought. Most accurate at 10-20 feet, shot it up to 50 feet and was still able to hit my targets, though you must compensate for the drop, to be expected with bb rounds and lower power. Single action and double action is fantastic. Incredibly easy to "field strip" and maintenance. Was actually a little louder than I thought specially in a place where there's alot of sound bouncing between spaced out buildings in the outdoors.
Things I would have changed:Although one shouldn't complain for the price, it would of been really nice if they actually included a functional slide catch. But of course it would of bumped up the price. Would of also been nice if the grips were alternatively designed and perhaps a little stronger material.
What others should know:Once the first few shots left the gun, it started performing better. I got around 200 shots off a 12gr GAMO co2 cartridge. With the first 100 being reasonably consistent. There's a work around to simulate the slide catch function, using the safety. Cock the gun with the slide pulled back then without releasing, switch it to safety mode on. It will hold the slide in place. You can slide it to off position and will release the slide, but I wouldn't recommend it if you don't want to wear out the safety, which appears to be made of metal, but doesn't mean it wont get worn out, instead hold the slide, then release the safety, then release the slide from your hand, and you're good to go. All in all I am greatly satisfied with this airgun, it is a fantastic piece for an amazing price. Don't expect it to perform miracles though but for what it is, you can't ask for more with it's price range.

Product: Gamo 12 Gram CO2, 5 Cartridges

Gamo 12 Gram CO2, 5 Cartridges
Review entered on 2013-06-08 18:26:40

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

  By Echo Bravo from USA on 2013-06-08
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0.00 ratings
Things I liked:Does what it's supposed to, and was able to get around 200 shots, first 100 being relatively consistent in my Umarex Makarov gun, with 380 fps rating. I haven't used a co2 air gun in quite a while and though I wouldn't say I can compare to other cartridges, I'd say these worked great for me.
Things I would have changed:Non that I can think of.
What others should know:I was going to get the Crosman Powerlet Co2 but Pyramid Air was out of stock, would be interesting to see how those perform compared to these once I run out. Also perhaps because my gun was brand new, the first few shots were a bit off, but after that full power and consistency was achieved. Not much else I could say, other than I am quite happy with getting 200+ shots off.
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