Product: Gamo Raptor .22 Cal, 9.8 Grains, PBA, Round Nose, 50ct

Gamo Raptor .22 Cal, 9.8 Grains, PBA, Round Nose, 50ct
Review entered on 2009-05-08 06:01:35

Overall rating:1.0 1.0

Value for money:1.0 1.0

Size/Shape Distribution:3.0 3.0

  By Gregory from USA on 2009-05-08
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Things I liked:Penetration and speed. Test fired this round with the new Gamo Whisper - Air Venturi Ram Air Gas Spring and chronographed at 975FPS (average on 20 rounds) This pellet had incredible penetration. It blasted the back out of 3/4" plywood with no noticable distortion to the dome but the rear of the round collapsed in 17 of them. The FPS increase is about 250 over most standard lead rounds.
Things I would have changed:Make the darn thing fly correctly. The accuracy is garbadge. I fired 20 rounds and got 6-7" groupings at 25 yards; this round is all over the place. The Crossman Preimier hollow pont fired though the same gun puts consistant groups in at 1" but the chrono drops down to 723 FPS. I'll take accuracy over speed any day.
What others should know:If Gammo can dial in these rounds for tighter groups in their top of the line guns I'd gladly spend the extra $$ for the incredible penetration and velocity increase over standard lead.

Product: Gamo Whisper with Nitro Piston

Gamo Whisper with Crosman Nitro Piston Air rifle
Review entered on 2009-05-10 23:38:17

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Gregory from USA on 2009-05-10
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Things I liked:It's super quiet compared to all my other air rifles, just a small pop vs the banging sound of a compressed spring being released. Air Venturi Ram is a must and a astounding improvement over the standard spring. Very lightweight with pleanty of power. Dialed in the stock scope at 25 yds and shot consistant 1/2" goups with Crossman Premier .22 cal hollow points.
Things I would have changed:The trigger, of course. First thing I did was drop in a GRT III and the difference was amazing. It does take a little getting used to but knowing exactly when the second stage will engage greatly improves accuracy. The stack scope is not up to par. There's no focus adjustment (the instructions show a lock ring behind the zoom to release the focus function but not so). The scope also rides too low on the stck so the rear fixed sight produces a blur in the reticle at the 6 o-clock position. A decent scope is a must.
What others should know:Toss the Raptor ammo they incude in the box, it's junk. I did chrono it at 985 FPS fairly consistantly but the shots were all over the place. Stick with standard lead and you'll produce nice, tight groups. The lead avarages 745 FPS. If you're using this rifle for hunting small game you can't go wrong. Very accurate and very heavy hitting with excellent knocdown power. I live on an acre and have a wild rooster problem and my .177 cal Gammo would need a head shot to take them down. This gun takes them out no matter where you hit them and they're good, clean kills.

Product: Walther SG9000 CO2 BB Shotgun

Walther SG9000 CO2 BB Shotgun Air rifle
Review entered on 2009-06-25 21:43:46

Overall rating:1.0 1.0

Value for money:1.0 1.0

Accuracy:1.0 1.0

  By Gregory from USA on 2009-06-25
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3.01 rating
Things I liked:Looks awesome and feels great. Love the rail system; my BSA red dot sight attached with ease and made this gun look even meaner.
Things I would have changed:If it fired that would be a huge plus..Right out of the box I loaded up the Laserhawk scattershot and created a jam. When a round is jammed between the magazine and firing chamber the safety will not engage. To get the stuck round free I had to work the fire selector rapidly back and forth while discharging the gun and the BB finally rolled out back into the magazine. There's absolutely no way to access the breech area which is a huge drawback when a jam occurs, not to mention the issues that creates with cleaning... everything is sealed.
What others should know:DO NOT use the Laserhawk dual purpose scattershot in this gun. Even though Pyramid Air recommends it the BBs don't even fit in the barrel (the small, flat sides create a shape that is not compatable with this gun). This was the ammo I used initially and could be the cause of the malfunction in the first place. After waiting three weeks for this product I now have to pack it up and ship it back to the factory. Very disappointing.
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