Product: BAM B-51 Air Rifle

Xisico BAM B-51 Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2008-04-16 20:03:18

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Michael from USA on 2008-04-16
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4.52 ratings
Things I liked:I can't believe there is no review so far! OK, so I will be the first! Great gun! I have it since almost a year now. I have been out hunting and I did kill several squirrels, rabbits and one Raccoon so far (headshots, all clean kills). Devastating power! Mine chronos 930fps with 16gr Raptor pellets. Getting consistent accuracy drove me almost crazy though. Gun is picky with pellets. I only get good grouping with the Raptor pellets. I shoot indoors, 10yards and I get normally a 4.5-5mm grouping with 5 shots (sitting). That is amazing taking into account that the pellet diameter is 5.5mm (.22cal). This is no toy gun. It is quality made and deadly. I have a 3-3 42mm scope on it! Great! I often take the air gun out hunting instead of my .22 rimfire, because there is no gun cleaning afterwards and the power is just great for long distance shots.
Things I would have changed:Worst think is that it is a single shot. For hunting you might want a second backup shot and this is kind of a hassle when when you are out in the field, especially taking into consideration that you have to load the pellet under the scope. Then the barrel diameter is only 1/2 inch. That is pretty thin for a .22cal. Gun is pretty loud also. Understandable at this power level. The muzzle break could be designed better for noise attenuation.
What others should know:The first gun I got did not work! Absolutely no power! I send it back and they gave me exactly what I had asked for. Power. For the first shots I used my standard Gamo pellet trap which worked fine using my Gamo CFX 1000fps .177cal so far. After a few shots I cleaned up and there was a hole on the metal. The pellets just went through. So make sure you have a good backstop!

Product: Predator Polymag .22 Cal, 16.0 Grains, Pointed, 200ct

Predator International Predator Polymag .22 Cal, 16.0 Grains, Pointed, 200ct
Review entered on 2009-09-20 19:58:44

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Size/Shape Distribution:5.0 5.0

  By Michael from USA on 2009-09-20
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Things I liked:This is the best ammo available! Period. Great ballistic coefficient due to the plastic tip.This was the only ammo that made my BAM XS-51 shoot consistent. First I thougt it was the rifle. But the Predator seems to be the only ammo that can handle the power (950fps with 16gr pellets). If you go hunting, this is what you want: deadly combination of lead (mushroom) and plastic tip (for penetration and bone crushing).
Things I would have changed:I would appreciate a lower price. But it is still worth the money.
What others should know:sometimes plastic tip falls out. I would recommend this product for hunting. For target shooting the plastic tip is a bit messy (cleaning up).
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