Product: Beretta Elite II CO2 Pistol

Beretta Elite II CO2 Pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2012-06-18 18:57:05

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Terry from USA on 2012-06-18
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Things I liked:looks of the pistol, it's heft and feel like a 9mm Beretta,ease of loading,fast handling,accuracy is surprising for a CO2 smoothbore BB pistol,helped by it's longer sight radius than my other pistols.
Things I would have changed:perhaps come with 2 extra mags and RWS air cylinder oil.
What others should know:when you empty a magazine and drop it out, be sure to shake the pistol to drop out a stray BB that might still be up in the gun to keep the next mag from hanging up in the pistol grip. very hard to remove it when that happens. also, do not ever leave a CO2 cylinder, idle, in the pistol pretty much for any extended period of time,as the instructions warn. I ruined my first ELITE 2's gas seals by leaving a cylinder in for a week. still trying to find a way to fix it( it was a harder hitting 480 fps model}. I now dump the CO2 each night, empty or not,on my Beretta, or any of my Crosmans I might be carrying that day.

Product: Crosman C31

Crosman C31 Air gun
Review entered on 2012-07-07 00:53:08

Overall rating:3.0 3.0

Value for money:3.0 3.0

  By Terry from USA on 2012-07-07
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5.01 rating
Things I liked:The fiber optic sights look good and give a Great sight picture. Powerful shooter even though the co2 cylinders still last 100+ shots. Very nice holster comes with it.
Things I would have changed:magazines won't interchange with my other identical-looking mags. Don't care for the triggerguard mag release. Front sight hangs on the holster. Early gas seal failure on my 2nd C-31.
What others should know:After shooting the Beretta Elite 2 and the Crossman P-10, liking both, with each having separate qualifications to me. Beretta: big, accurate, good-looking. The P-10 much smaller, handles fast, hits hard, and fairly accurate for a short sight radius. Purchasing a C-31 Crossman, I liked it's size (between the Beretta and the P-10) and hard-hitting power and impressive fiber optic sights,an excellent holster included for $45, making the C-31 itself cost the same as the smaller, plain sights P-10($35). I didn't like the C-31's triggerguard mag release, but got used to it. I soon discovered the fact that Beretta's and P-10's mags won't lock in into the C-31, giving me only one magazine to shoot with. All the magazines looked the same to me. (I don't go out to my garden without 3 loaded magazines.) The C-31 shot disappointingly low, a waste of the nice fiber optics. Right away I found the front sight protrusions to catch the holster both in and out. Trimming both ends of the sight gave better holstering. On a whim, I ordered 2 more C-31s, giving me the two extra mags. The next C-31 shot staighter, but the gas seals failed after 600 shots. So, I shelved that one and packed the next. It shoots fairly accurate, and I've put some 300 rounds thru it. I've sort of "dialed-in" my shots back with my first C-31, and it hits consistantly and holds the co-2 well so far. Overall, I've been somewhat disappointed with the C-31 experience.

Product: Crosman C11 CO2 BB Gun

Crosman C11 CO2 BB Gun Air gun
Review entered on 2012-07-22 01:31:48

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

  By Terry from USA on 2012-07-22
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Things I liked:liked size, handling, power, looks of the gun,rapid fire capability, positive lock-in of the magazine,and reliable, jam-proof performance, cylinder after cylinder.
Things I would have changed:perhaps, 3-dot sights, but I can easily do that, myself.
What others should know:great value for the money.I discovered C-11's have been around for awhile,but only recently came across them at Pyramyd Air.I wear one now whenever I'm outside.Lots of fun to shoot.Order two from Pyramyd Air. I did, although not a thing has gone wrong with the first one, yet. I probably fired 800-900 shots through it already. I highly recommend the C-11.
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