Product: Career Fire 202S, formerly Fire 201

ShinSung Career Fire 202S, formerly Fire 201 Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-12-09 01:05:36

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:4.0 4.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Jeff from USA on 2010-12-09
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Things I liked:i am thoroughly impressed with my fire201.. i could gush all day about it.. i lucked into it along with two career707s.. they are the most accurate shootin machine ive ever fired, but the 201 has the punch that id never thought possible with an air rifle.. with less than a full charge, this thing will blow a 77gr. pellet through two 2x4s layed together.. yes, i said "two" of them, and then keep going.. i havent tested it yet, but id be willing to wager that i could(with a scope) consistantly hit a target at 500 yards.. for the amount of power that it packs, my fire 201 is exceedingly light.. it is much lighter than its sister, the 707.. the fire 201(202) is ergonomic(not that its ever been a big selling point in guns), easy to handle, extremely solid and very well balanced.. shinsung did a marvelous job with these airguns.. they are well designed and well built for the serious shooter.. ive been told it also has the capability to fire a lead 9mm bullet, slug, or ball.. after you shoot a shinsung airgun, it would be my guess that you will never think the same about the words,"made in korea"..
Things I would have changed:in my mind, the filler port could be better engineered, as i am constantly concerned about losing the cap in the field.. then, all it takes is one surly speck of dust to ruin your day, and your gun..
What others should know:the pellets are a bit pricey from the sole maker of 9mm pellets, eun jin, but have you seen the price of ammo for firearms, lately?? no comparison.. those cowboys can have their gunpowder!!

Product: AirForce Talon PCP Rifle

AirForce Talon PCP Rifle, Spin-Loc Tank Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-12-30 07:19:04

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:4.0 4.0

  By Jeff from USA on 2012-12-30
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Things I liked:How many airguns have their own airgun geeks club? The talon does! A bunch of pelletheads all gather together online and compare and show off their talons to each other. some peoples kids, huh? The talon is not just an airgun. the talon is a whole shooting system. You can have interchangeable barrel lengths, four different calibers, and different power plant options(hpa or CO2), you can have several airguns in one package. The talon is a great entry level into the world of PCP airguns. Even without all the extras, the talon, taken on its own merits is a rock solid airgun. The talon Is very simple and sparten by design, but the simple straightforward desgn is what makes it so powerful.
Things I would have changed:Out of the box, the talon is a fine shooting machine with a bit of room for improvement. there are a couple of quirks that are easily overcome. one of them is the safety. it seems just out of reach when you are wrapping your finger around the trigger, and if youve already drawn a bead on your target and forgotten to switch it to fire. you may find yourself missing your shot entirely, when you have to have to lower the gun to switch it to "fire".
What others should know:If youre already into PCP guns than you most likely have necessary sundries. the scuba tank to fill your HPA tank is a must. the air force hand pump can be a real headache. The hand pum is subject to failure and has one of the o-rings that needs replacing on occasion. The replacement can be done at home by someone with a good set of tools and above average mechanical skills, or it has to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. When the pump is working well, you get about ten PSI per pump. its a long way to 3000 psi at that rate. Also, the talon loves heavier pellets. I like shooting a .25 cal. thirty five grain domed pellet that will blow through a green 2x4 at twenty yards. by changing to a twenty four inch barrel, you can increase the muzzle velocity quite a bit. One of the things that makes the talon very cool, is the tuning and mods that can be performed to give it even more power. there are people out there that do just that, tune talons. that is why the talon has its own group of airgun geeks that show off their own personal tweeks and modifications that theyve made on their talons, talon SS, talon Ps and condors.
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