Product: IZH 53M Air pistol

IZH-Baikal IZH 53M Air pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2007-09-29 13:38:27

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:3.0 3.0

  By Alan from USA on 2007-09-29
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5.01 rating
Things I liked:The price makes this a real value. Has a rifled barrel and adjustable sights. The gun is beastly big but reasonably well balanced. The grip is stippled and is easy to hold, good angle, and great sight picture. The sights are adjustable without tools, and the receiver is grooved - it might be able to be fit with a red dot. It has enough beef that if you wanted to machine the grooves further, you could. Reasonably accurate at 30 feet, but it's a springer and has to be held lightly. Would probably frustrate a kid.
Things I would have changed:Extend the grooves on the spring cylinder to allow a red dot sight or scope to be placed further down the gun. Color the front blade sight for better visibility - I plan to paint mine.
What others should know:Chrony gave 344 fps average, standard deviation 12.32 [81 degress F, 60% RH]. Make a great hammer if you don't have one! But it fits the bill for cheap sighting practice in the back yard.

Product: Ballistol Lube, Aerosol Spray, 6 oz.

Ballistol Lube, Aerosol Spray, 6 oz.
Review entered on 2008-07-27 21:19:50

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

  By Alan from USA on 2008-07-27
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0.00 ratings
Things I liked:Works on everything - especially on the air guns without major worries for the seals
Things I would have changed:2 cans for the same price?
What others should know:This stuff definitely has a distinct aroma/odor. It's not offensive, but not all that pleasant. I was amazed at the amount of dirt that came off of my airguns when I sprayed it on a rag to wipe them down. They look much shinier now.

Product: Air Venturi Diabolo Speedloader (.177)

Air Venturi Diabolo Speedloader (.177)
Review entered on 2008-08-18 20:08:54

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

  By Alan from USA on 2008-08-18
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0.00 ratings
Things I liked:Why buy a multishot gun and have to spend most of your time loading? Just buy a single shot! This is the handiest device ever for quickly loading magazines. Works quickly and well. Takes longer to change a gas cartridge than to load seven magazines. Rarely won't load properly.
Things I would have changed:Would really be nice to have it come in a container that would hold all of the parts. I've gone through 2 ziplocks trying to hold it all together.
What others should know:Sure, it's a little pricey. But what a time saver...

Product: BSA R-10 MK2 PCP Air Rifle, Walnut Stock

BSA R-10 MK2 PCP Air Rifle, Walnut Stock Air rifle
Review entered on 2014-12-20 17:03:49

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:4.0 4.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Alan from USA on 2014-12-20
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3.01 rating
Things I liked:Lines on the gun are beautiful, and the balance is spot on for me (5'6"). The trigger is excellent, and now that I have several hundred pellets through it, the action is very smooth. Accuracy is great out to 100yds (though wind is a problem); shot count is great with the regulated output. Sling studs on stock make putting a bipod on a breeze. Magazines have a unique design, and no jams, smooth as butter. Available single shot adapter makes odd sized pellets feed easily. Not overly pellet fussy, but seems to like JSB jumbos so far. Very easy refill port with the gauge visible during the refill.
Things I would have changed:Trigger adjustments are not all available unless the stock is removed. It's a little louder than I would like even with the shroud (but the neighbors don't object when they see a rifle in the back yard making the noise!) and will probably eventually modify it to be quieter.
What others should know:Fits me better than an FX, and the Daystate seems very barrel heavy in comparison. Couldn't beat the price from Pyramyd Air, but they don't allow any advertised discounts beyond the stated price.
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