Product: Crosman M4-177 Multi-Pump Air Rifle, Adj. Stock

Crosman M4-177 Multi-Pump Air Rifle, Adj. Stock Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-04-22 17:57:52

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:4.0 4.0

Accuracy:3.0 3.0

  By Tom from USA on 2012-04-22
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Things I liked:Rifle is quite realistic in appearance to the real M-4. I like the fact that it is clip fed, but it would be nice if it was 10 round instead of 5. Secondly Crosman could include two clips with it without hurting their profit margin one single bit. I just ordered 4 more clips at over $1.00 each, and standard shipping brought it up to about $13.00 which is ridiculous! Those clips don't weigh much more than a normal letter, but yet it costs several dollars more in shipping than what the product costs. Where is the logic here?
Things I would have changed:Crosman needs to add the weight to this rifle to make it realistic. I carried the M-16 in Vietnam and this rifle which is patterned after the M-16 feels like a toy. It is the nost accurate air rifle I've ever owned and I've had some up to $200. I've had Beeman, Crosman, Winchester, Ruger, Daisy, and numerous others.

Product: Crosman 0401 5rd Pellet Clips, Fits 760 Pumpmaster, M4-177, 66 Powermaster, 781/782 Black Diamond & Torrent SX, 4pk

Crosman 0401 5rd Pellet Clips, Fits 760 Pumpmaster, M4-177, 66 Powermaster, 781/782 Black Diamond & Torrent SX, 4pk
Review entered on 2012-05-26 10:09:37

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:2.0 2.0

  By Tom from USA on 2012-05-26
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Things I liked:I have used 5 round clips similar to these in the past, in one model of Daisy air rifle. Those were made of rubber and were harder to tell if they were positioned correctly, and wore after short use to the point that they tended to drop pellets. These hard plastic clips are easier to load and easier to position the clip correctly in the rifle for the next shot because they click into position. The rubber clips just had a slight groove in the bottom of the clip to help you align the next pellet, and it was hard to feel the groove, the more the clip wore. The concept designed into these clips is much better and I've not experienced any problem with them and don't expect to.
Things I would have changed:I feel that these clips are very overpriced for the little piece of plastic that they are, and the shipping charges are even more far out. There is no way that these 4 little plastic clips with shipping should cost $12. - $13. Four of these little tiny clips could be shipped in a padded envelope instead of a 4X5X8 inch cardboard box. Obviously whoever set up their shipping method has no concept of cost effectiveness. I would also like to see the rifle manufacturers package 4 or 5 clips with the original rifle and it would be great if the clips would hold more than 5 pellets. Say 7 to 10 pellets. It doesn't take long to fire 5 pellets and you are constantly removing and reinserting clips. If the manufacturer feels they would have to charge more, fine; and least you would have a more practical clip, and the few cents difference in their cost would not even be noticed by the consumer. Also I see no reason why some rifles couldn't be designed to accept a longer clip holding 12 to 20 pellets which would feed into the rifle vertically either from the top or bottom. I have the Crosman M-4 with the taller profile, and I can see how this concept could be incorporated into this rifle quite easily. This rifle has excellent accuracy and a larger capacity clip would make it an even better rifle.
What others should know:It would be great if the rifle manufacturers would design a rifle that had a velocity of 800 FPS instead of only 500 to 600 FPS of present rifles that use this type of clip. Example: Design the Daisy 880 which has a velocity of 800 FPS, so that it would use this type of clip instead of fighting to load one little pellet into the chamber at a time.
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