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    Product: Crosman Pulse R72, OD Green

    Crosman Pulse R72, OD Green Airsoft gun
    Review entered on 2010-03-09 20:45:48

    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

      By Ace from USA on 2010-03-09
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    Things I liked:Good feel, pretty large mag, Ok Fps. Good gun for beginners that want a good priced gun that works well. Very good for backyard wars. if you use .20 gram bbs and you hit sombody they will screem If you're within 50 feet of them
    Things I would have changed:Little higher fps, better shoulder strap. I wish they would have kept it in black. Not so much hop up. hops up a little even if the hopup is off. Just use the .20 gram bbs to level that out.
    What others should know:Once a bb got stuck in the barrel but i just stuck a paper clip through where the mag go's and then i just pulled the trigger and it came out :^) Plus my friend said that his 20 doller gun had better fps than this one but his is a spring powerd shotgun and dosent know that eventuly his will lose power but this one will not on account of the battery power.

    Product: Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit Black

    Crosman Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit Black  Airsoft gun
    Review entered on 2010-03-11 10:07:10

    Overall rating:4.0 4.0

    Value for money:4.0 4.0

      By Ace from USA on 2010-03-11
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    Things I liked:good accuracy. very powerful. looks really cool.comes with nice holster and nice heavy bbs. has stick-back when it runs out of ammo.80 round reservoir in the back of the mag.
    Things I would have changed:Its hard to pull back. It hops up for a while until you use it for a while.
    What others should know:Well let me just say if you want a nice side arm than this is the gun for you!!! it has amazing power. it can be kinda hard to pull back. my little brother isn't strong to pull it back all the way so you need to be strong to use this gun. The bbs hop up after 15 or so but this should go away the more you use it. you can use the heavy amo and that levels it out. The mag has a large capacity of 20 and has a 80 round reservoir. All in all this is a very nice side arm or primary gun. Please mark if this was helpful or not thank you :^)
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