Product: Walther P99 S Blank Gun, Black

Walther P99 S Blank Gun, Black Blank gun
Review entered on 2013-03-10 20:55:47

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:3.0 3.0

  By Tusker from USA on 2013-03-10
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Things I liked:I like the feel and the realism to the actual Walther P99. It chambers and cycles perfectly as far as I've put only about on magazine full through it so far. It comes apart for cleaning very easy too and goes back together okay without the need for any other tools (like my Ekol Cougar needs). Although, I have had trouble getting seperator back in each time I've taken it out (no big issue.. just an fyi of my experience)
Things I would have changed:FRONT FIRING WOULD BE GREAT!! Can't stress that enough. The only reason I'm giving this 3 stars under "Value for money" is that I feel it's made of pretty cheap materials. The grip and frame are okay but the barrel just about feel like one notch above plastic. This is my second blank gun.. I also own an Ekol Cougar and that's the only thing I have to compare the Walther P99 with. The Ekol is definitely made of much stronger materials and when I compare the barrel of the Ekol Cougar and the Walther P99, the P99 comes up very short. Keep in mind though that it does work just fine and does exactly what it's supposed to.. I just would have appreciated better materials for the price of this gun.
What others should know:This blank gun (as others can be) is extremely loud!!! Make sure to wear hearing protection when firing this gun. It's lots of fun and I highly recommend this P99 replica for training and learning purposes. And lastely, again, I can't stress more that I wish that Walther would come out with a front firing version of the P99.

Product: Walther CP99 Compact

Walther CP99 Compact Air gun
Review entered on 2013-03-30 14:38:54

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:4.0 4.0

  By Tusker from USA on 2013-03-30
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Things I liked:Everything! The weight, the feel in hand, the blowback, accuracy (close range), etc etc! This is a very very fun BB pistol to shoot!!
Things I would have changed:It would be nice if it was stronger, but still well worth the price! And maybe ability to shoot pellets but at this fps, BBs are just fine and much cheaper to shoot.
What others should know:I've never been one for BB/Pellet pistols since they aren't that practicle other than fun plinking. I took a chance on the CP99 Compact and am extremely happy with it. For the price, it weighs and feels just about the real thing in hand. The blowback feature and recoil make this BB pistol great fun to shoot! Like I said, I've never been one for BB pistols but this one for the price is well worth every penny if you're looking for something just plain and simple fun to shoot and plink with. I also like the way the magazine and the C02 can setup is. This is the first C02 gun I've had that I don't hear air leaking once locked in. I've gotten a good solid 5-6 magazines worth out of a C02 can and you can tell onces it's running out because the blowback stops working as it normally would. All in all I highly reccommend the CP99 Compact for anyone looking for a BB pisotl that feels like something worthy in your hand and feels great to shoot!
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