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Customer Reviews by Nathan from USA

IZH Drozd MP-661K Blackbird

IZH-Baikal IZH Drozd MP-661K Blackbird Air gun
Review entered on 2009-03-19 19:32:10

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5.0 5.0

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By Nathan from USA on 2009-03-19
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Things I liked: A recent reviewer: "cooljonas100" is wrong. The large capacity magazine works fine. That large capacity is best part about the Blackbird. You can shoot, shoot, and shoot some more, without having to reload! (Remember, at the 6-shot burst setting, the 30 rounds in the original Drozd magazine are gone in only 5 trigger pulls! Or 3 seconds at 600RPM)

Things I would have changed: Fit and finish could be better. The overall quality control over at IZH appears to be a little hit-or-miss... Sometimes parts do not fit well and may need adjusting. Other times, the magazine, for example, may indeed be defective and prone to jams. But, just because your gun does't work perfectly, don't think that none of them work well. Send your gun back under warranty and get it replaced or repaired. Even if the gun is out of warranty, most things can be fixed with a little effort and ingenuity. (This thing is generally built out of extremely solid parts, they are just not always put together carefully enough.)

What others should know: Zinc coated premium BBs seem to work best. Longer barrels and other custom modifications are available. Bulk CO2 and HPA adapter kits are available. Special mod-chips now provide switchable true full-auto (instead of 6 round bursts) and 600-900-1200RPM (instead of stock 300-450-600RPM). With HPA (and especially with true full-auto) it is easily possible to shoot 20,000 BBs or more in a single weekend!