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    Product: Beretta PX4 Storm pellet gun

    Beretta PX4 CO2 pistol Air gun
    Review entered on 2010-10-23 14:54:55

    Overall rating:4 4.0

    Value for money:4 4.0

    Accuracy:2 2.0

      By Donald from USA on 2010-10-23
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    51 rating
    Things I liked:Really like the weight, and the fact it's all metal. Feels real comfortable to shoot. Especially like the magazines that hold 16 rounds.
    Things I would have changed:Don't like the fact that the sights front and rear are fixed. Would definitely benefit from a moveable rear sight. The one I have is really, really off. And I have to compensate every shot because of that.
    What others should know:I've found up to this point that the Diablo Basics seem to work best for me. I tried Beeman H & N Match wadcutters, fall out of the clip. Too small to stay in the holes of the clip. So when you use up 8 shots on one side; when you flip the clip around for the other 8 several will have fallen out.

    Product: LaserLyte Laser Bore Sighter, .177 to .22 caliber

    LaserLyte Laser Bore Sighter, .177 to .22 caliber
    Review entered on 2010-12-17 11:56:46

    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:5 5.0

      By Donald from USA on 2010-12-17
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    Things I liked:Product is great. Made well, and does what it is made for.
    Things I would have changed:Can't think of anything really that I would change, except the pouch that you get to keep it in. Rather cheap, could have been a little better quality rather than a thin piece of plastic.
    What others should know:I had no problem with it fitting in the barrel of my air rifles. And unlike some that have made comments; I rotated mine around in a circle in the barrel and didn't experience any of the elliptical pattern some spoke of. It rotated absolutely true to the spot it was pointed at.
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