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Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC Sidelever PCP Air Rifle

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC Sidelever PCP Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2008-08-08 13:09:56

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By wayne from USA on 2008-08-08
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Things I liked: I like the power, accuracy, the smoothness of the action, it indexes perfectly, the quality stock and machining, the power adjuster, the quickness I can get shots off, the balance and weight, it is perfect for field target or hunting squirrels, rabbits or starlings...I think it will be a collectors item someday...This rifle will compete with $2,000 field target rifles, for half the price...I'm getting 105 shots on a 195 bar fill, with my .177, with the first shots at 1020 fps with 10.6 kodiaks and ending at 731fps at 50 bar..... JBS 8.4 gr start at 1081fps and end at 792.... Mine takes a fill of 220 bar and then you can add 10 to 15 more shots that... At 50 yards I don't have to start aiming high until after 50 shots, then only 1 - 1/2 mil dots by the end at 50 bar!! No other PCP can come close to that number of accurate shots on a tank... I think that FN of Sweeden is making the parts for Air Arms on this one... it looks like the FN line a lot...

Things I would have changed: Nothing to change, a perfect design and manufacturing job!

What others should know: This is the easiest air rifle to shoot, no recoil, easy to target and'll be a winner in no time with this rifle.... save your money and go to the top of the heap... you'll not need to go any further than this....