Product: Diana RWS 34P air rifle

Diana RWS 34P air rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-06-12 08:14:19

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:4.0 4.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Don from USA on 2012-06-12
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Things I liked:I've put a few hundred pellets through this gun, and knocked down four squirrels, in the couple weeks since I got it. I've been very pleased with the overall quality of the weapon. In my hands it feels like one of my Savage or Remington rifles, and I didn't expect that. I found the gun to be consistently accurate, without scope, right out of the box. It's also quieter than I expected it would be. It's no louder than a staple gun, if that loud, which is a bonus given that I've got neighbors all around. I'm not using a scope. I got the rifle to get rid of squirrels that are infesting my attic and the four I've shot were all within 15 yards, for which the iron sights are more than adequate. Sighting in the rear sight, by the way, was very easy. Ten pellets or so was all that was required.
Things I would have changed:I've never been a fan of blueing on barrels. It's a hassle to maintain. This rifle is no different. It's not a huge big deal to wipe the gun down with a silicon cloth after using it, but a matte or satin finish barrel would be easier to maintain.
What others should know:I've had best success with the RWS Superdome pellets. Squirrels fall dead right there. I thought the rifle was pretty accurate from the first shot. It may be producing marginally tighter patterns now than when I started, but I'm really pleased with its accuracy. Shots pretty much go through the same dime sized hole in my targets and, like I say, the holes in the squirrels' heads have been right where I wanted them to be. This is my first air rifle and I read a lot about the artillery hold before getting the RWS 34. I actually find that I'm successful holding the gun more or less the way I do any other rifle I own. Now, I don't own large caliber guns, so I've never felt the need to hold them in ways that anticipate big recoil. But I haven't found that I need to "re-learn" how I shoot with the RWS 34.

Product: UTG Drooper Scope Rail, 11mm-to-Weaver Adapter, Compensates for Droop & Stops Scope Shift

UTG Drooper Scope Rail, 11mm-to-Weaver Adapter, Compensates for Droop & Stops Scope Shift
Review entered on 2012-08-13 10:32:16

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

  By Don from USA on 2012-08-13
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Things I liked:I liked the open sights on my RWS 34P and was pretty accurate with them. However, I got the gun to get rid of squirrels, and there were a couple times when shooting without a scope caused me to wound, not kill, one. Time for a scope! I like how easy it was to mount this rail. Piece of cake. I like how solid it is. Rock solid! I dropped a 4x fixed scope I had on the gun, which was easy too, and the gun hits dead center on those tiny Beeman targets every time. I like that most of all!
Things I would have changed:Not a thing.
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