BKL 1" Rings, 3/8" or 11mm Dovetail, Matte Black

BKL 1 inch Rings, 3/8 inch or 11mm Dovetail, Matte Black
Review entered on 2012-06-03 13:01:08

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By John C from USA on 2012-06-03
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Things I liked: I bought these rings for my Zastava M-85 (mini-Mauser) in .22 Hornet with "11mm dovetail". I wanted rings that would center-up regardless of the exact width of the dovetail vs 'universal' tip-offs that might not. I was pleased that they didn't need to be spread open to slide on. They're very sturdy, and setting up the scope was a snap, quicker and easier than with Millett Angle-Locs. What a great product for the modest price! I'll get another set in silver for my Marlin 995 and try a dab of rosin under the contact points of its shallow dovetail to prevent the 'slide-back' that the tip-offs I've tried haven't controlled.

Things I would have changed: These are RTR out of the box and I can't imagine anything that would improve them. Lining them with black tape is up to the user to cushion the scope tube and allow for tolerances that may torque it unevenly. It'd be nice to let firearm folks know these are available at PA, they'd appreciate the tip!

What others should know: It's possible that spreading or compressing these rings for exact fit may cause one or the other to tilt a tad off center (mere thousandths at best). This wasn't measurable or an issue for me, and they could be switched around to realign a spin-centered scope once they've taken a 'set'. Expect to reef fairly well on the lower screws for a secure grip when first mounting them on a narrow dovetail. I suspect this has caused stripping for others, but in a pinch a longer screw and a nut on the far side could get one by until another set was ordered. D & T to a larger screw would also be an option, but the heads might need to be ground a tad narrower and/or the counter-bore widened a bit to clear them. There is plenty of stock here to trim/modify these if one doesn't mind touching up the paint afterward. This brand represents a great value, made in USA, and something of a hidden treasure here at PA ...