Product: Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo

Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-08-19 00:50:26

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:4.0 4.0

Accuracy:4.0 4.0

  By AGEngineer from USA on 2012-08-19
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4.01 rating
Things I liked:The dual caliber, the quality of build for price, power for price.
Things I would have changed:Better scope, even if they had to increase the price a little, it would still be worth it's price.
What others should know:I own this gun and it's a great first AG for older shooters and/or adults, but it's a bit powerful for younger shooters, maybe 10 and under. Seems to hold up well and like any air gun, you should keep it properly cleaned, oiled, in a case and occasionally go around and tighten everything back up ...just don't over torque it down too much where the parts are binding. Tighten until it feels like it's starting to bind, then back it off a little or until it moves freely but without play and this gun will last.

Product: Walther Talon Magnum

Walther Talon Magnum Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-09-01 03:30:37

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:4.0 4.0

  By AGEngineer from USA on 2012-09-01
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0.00 ratings
Things I liked:I own this gun in the .22 and the .25 caliber versions and they're both well crafted, quite powerful, accurate (with the right pellet), dependable and really fun to shoot. Honestly, if you're looking for a quality air gun you can be proud of, without breaking the bank, buy this gun ...I wish they still carried the .25 caliber and maybe they can order one for you, but if not ...I would suggest purchasing the .22 version. It's obviously a lot more bang for the buck.
Things I would have changed:Personally, after a few small adjustments to suit my way of shooting, I really enjoy these guns. However, I'll address what seems to be a common complaint, the hollow stock! The stock is hollow, but not thin walled at all. If anything, I might would fill the heel/toe end of the stock with expanding foam. Maybe something similar to, "Great Stuff," spray foam to make it feel more solid. Expandable foam also wouldn't increase the weight very much and might be worth the effort for what it would accomplish. One could drill two small holes at the top and bottom of the heel/toe end of the stock, under the last shoulder pad and fill the stock through the top hole, allowing the compressed air to escape out of the bottom hole until the desired feel is achieved. Just remember the foam expands! But truthfully, is it really that bad now? Not really ...I believe most people wouldn't even notice if they didn't read about it first. In reality, you only notice the slight hollow sound if you tap on the side of the stock itself. I would say they accomplished their goal of bringing a well crafted, yet affordable weapon to the marketplace. Therefore, outside of those minor issues there's nothing I would change.
What others should know:I purchased the .22 first and was so impressed I purchased the .25 cal soon thereafter. IMHO, out of all the guns in this price range, there's nothing even remotely close to the talon. The scope that comes with the gun isn't bad at all, especially if you're shooting within 100 yards or less, but obviously they aren't a Leupold, not for 209.00 including the gun. lol I haven't had any problems with scope slippage or movement after mounting and sighting it in. As with any scope, you have to really tighten them down, but without striping the threads of course or creating an indentation in the rail. You can feel when it's approaching the shear point or damaging the rail, long before it does any damage. Also, as with all new guns and scopes, the scope has to be sighted in again after several hundred shots, but typically will stay in perfectly thereafter, as long as you don't drop it or something. The guns are heavy, but not any heavier than my Win. Model 70 30-06, Rem 270 or any other real firearm/rifle of equal size. To me the weight says quality. As far as my Talons go, the .25 cal is substantially more powerful than the .22 ...even though the difference in size is not that significant, the .25 hits like a sledgehammer. TIP: I reverse the metal stop on the rail to set the scope further back
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