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    Product: Hatsan 125 Air Rifle, Black Stock, Nitro Piston

    Hatsan 125 Air Rifle, Black Stock, Nitro Piston Air rifle
    Review entered on 2013-06-24 09:00:50

    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

    Accuracy:5.0 5.0

      By Gregory from USA on 2013-06-24
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    Things I liked:I purchase a Hatsan 125 .22 cal with the nitro piston conversion. Overall this rifle is a great value. It has lots of potential. The average Ft-lbs of energy is 23.9 The velocity standard deviation is about 5 fps. The machining and quality is impressive for the price of the rifle. The trigger is clean and crisp. The scope rail looks to be welded on the receiver. The rifle is very quiet! All I hear is a ping! The pellet hitting the target makes the most noise. I have over 1000 shots fired now. This gun is capable of hitting a coffee can at 100 yards consistently. It also has enough power to punch thru the steel coffee can at 100 yards. I used a lot of different pellets and crony them after 1000 shots. This gun likes .22 cal JSB 16gr, and 18gr. Also Beeman Kodiak's, and that is the heaviest I would go. My favorite pellet is the JSB 16gr exact diabolo jumbo. It tested at 830fps on average with 23.8 ft lbs. The 18gr diabolo jumbo heavy tested at 772 fps with 23.8 ft lbs. The rws super dome 14.5gr tested at 860 fps with 22.9 ft lbs. The rws hobby 11.4gr tested at 970fps with 24.86 ft lbs. However the hobby pellet would not even hit the target backboard at 50 yards. I think they flew to mars in a tumbling manner. Maybe we will see them in some UFO photos. After 500 shots, you should clean the barrel. I was having an accuracy issue and it was the barrel had leaded up close to the muzzle. I use a loop and a flashlight to check the bore for leading.
    Things I would have changed:There is not much to change. Maybe a better barrel locking device. The stock is a little flimsy at the very front (there is no way to avoid this). But it is not a problem at all. The rest of the stock is very stiff. Maybe loose the scope and reduce the price of the gun.
    What others should know:The cocking effort is great. I find it a lot easier to set the butt on the ground with the bottom of the gun facing you (sights and scope away from you). Then push on the barrel with both hands. As you push the gun will ride on just the edge of the rubber butt plate. I have yet to have the gun slip. First thing to do is clean the barrel! I mean really clean it. Use a plastic bore brush, then a all brass brush. Use lots of patches too. I put 1 drop of chamber lube in just to make sure it was oiled. Yes it cracked and smoked the first few shots. Also oil all the hinge points often. The trigger adjustment screws are not long enough. You have to get longer ones to adjust the trigger (M3x15mm). Be sure to round the the end of the screw, look at the original. Use a tiny bit of locktite otherwise the screws back out slowly. After replacing the 2 screws, the trigger becomes a work of art. It is really crisp! As good as my RWS 52. The scope is more of a novelty in my opinion. I tried it but when you change power it moves the impact point. Zero the scope at your farthest distance. This scope is a little out of focus. I have yet to have a scope stay together and on point with a spring gun. I tried all of my scopes on this gun with fair results (using quality mounts). I modified the rear sight and installed it on the scope rail just forward of the safety. Now it is a peep sight! All you have to do is point and shoot.
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