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    Double Barrel Airsoft Shotguns

    There is nothing like a shotgun to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents and cover the widest possible swath of battlefield. Airsoft competitors who love overwhelming force tend to gravitate toward these explosive firearms, and the Airsoft manufacturing community has done its best to keep pace with the demands for airsoft shotguns. Today you can find pump action double barrel Airsoft shotguns that offer considerable kick and spectacle without any loss of consistency.

    Pyramyd Air is committed to providing Airsoft fans with the finest airsoft guproducts available, including airsoft shotguns. Double barrel airsoft shotguns such as the Crosman Stinger fire up to 17 BBs at once, sending foes and passersby diving for cover. The Stinger airsoft shotgun also feautures a hop-up design and dazzling muzzle speeds of up to 350 fps, this is an airsoft shotgun you can rely on to send each round where you've aimed it.

    Many of the favorite airsoft shotguns in this area offer a number of optional adjustments as well, including movable stocks and tri-rail tactical systems. Metal construction and flawless balance ensure you always wield this airsoft shotgun with confidence. A UTG ergonomic butt pad gives you greater stability in the act of shooting your double barrel airsoft shotgun.

    Shotguns are a part of our national fabric, and the airsoft versions unsurprisingly offer the same rush in a non-lethal package. If you want to get your hands on a good choice today, we urge you to shop and compare as long as you wish. When you are ready to purchase dual barrel airsoft shotguns, simply buy online or contact the team here at any time.

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