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    HFC HG-133 6" Barrel Gas Revolver

    HFC HG-133 6" Barrel Gas Revolver



    Instructions Manual

    When refilling the gas, place the pistol at an angle of 18� (if the refilling angle is too large, it may cause leakage of gas.) The gas refilling operation usually takes 2-3 seconds and it is recommended that the gas pressure shall be maintained at 6-10 kg.

    Safe switch (bullet ejection button)

    Push the safe switch along the arrow line and toward the utmost end, and sign off the revolving shaft.

    Load BB bullet in the front of cartridge, then put into the cylinder.

    Place the magazine into the revolving shaft and push forward into fire position.

    The most optimal fire rate is an interval of 2 seconds. Too fast firing freezes the air cooled chamber. It is strongly recommended to fire at the indoor temperature ranging from 15� C to 35�C.

    Pull the revolving shaft backward to the far end so as to keep it in safe position.

    After a long and continued firing practice, the low temperature of the gas chamber will cause a reduced gas pressure as well as the low velocity of bullet. It is a normal condition, not a problem.

    Never practice the reverse firing for this action renders the gas hardness to violate and to produce the atomized gas of ejection which leads the damaged to the parts.

    Adjust the hit spot as shown in the figure (Left right).

    It is normal for a haze to emerge from the gas channel after fast or long period of firing.

    Cartridge loading diagram

    Load BB bullet in the front of cartridge, then put into the cylinder.


    Follow trouble shooting procedure as indicated in the instruction.




    No action

    Safety is locked

    Release the safety

    Unknown reason

    Please contact our distributor.

    No load of bullet

    Deformed BB bullet

    Use the standard BB bullet only

    The bore is clogged with extraneous material

    Remove the extraneous material from the bore

    Short projectile

    The ambient temperature is too low

    If the outside temperature is too low, use it indoors. Until the gun temperature recovers

    A long and continued firing causes quick cooling and frozen

    It can be used again when the gun temperature recovers. The operation temperature is between 15�C to 35�C

    Low gas pressure in the Gas chamber

    Refill the gas



    Be sure to wear shooting glasses or goggles when shooting.

    Put the gun beyond the reach of kids.

    Don�t peep at the muzzle.

    Don�t aim at people even if it is unloaded.

    Don�t touch the trigger until the moment of shooting

    After making sure that there is nobody nearby

    Avoid a rough operation

    When the gun is not in use, remove the magazine and unload BB pellets.


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