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    TSD Sports Basic MIL4 Desert AEG Manual

    TSD Sports Basic MIL4 Desert AEG




       This product is an airsoft airgun. It is to be purchased by person(s) of age eighteen (18) or older. Adult/parental supervision required when used by any persons under the age of eighteen.

       Be responsible, check with your local law enforcement on airsoft airgun regulations.

       Please read the operation manual and fully understand the safe handling of your airsoft airgun before use.

    Pay special attention to your surrounding area when using your airsoft airgun. Do not carry your airsoft airgun in public, in open view, or concealed. Transport your airsoft airgun, unloaded, in locked gun carrier/case. Do not brandish, point, or shoot at other people, animal, or private properties. Such actions may be perceived by others (including law enforcement officers) as a threat and prompt to react, accordingly

       U.S. Federal regulation requires the orange marking. Do not remove, alter or impair marking. All warranty void if marking(s) are tampered with.

       Enjoy your airsoft airgun in firearm safety/handling training, movie and theatrical production applications, and regulated airsoft sports at participating playing fields and shooting ranges. Ask your airsoft dealer for details.

       Store your airsoft airgun unloaded, remove batteries, discharge of any gas or spring tension, in a safe and locked location, out of reach of children.

    18 years or older

    Operation of this air gun is for training purposes only, at legal training facilities. Users will follow all applicable air gun laws and regulations. Sales and usage restricted to persons 18 years of age or older.

    Injury caution

    Plastic BB�s can reach 50 to 60 meters, and up to 300 fps. Careless shooting and mishandling may result in severe eye damage and or other injuries. Always wear eye and body protection. Never point or shoot at people or animals.

    Please read manual!

    Always follow safe handling and precautions listed in the manual. Understand fully all operations of this air gun. Use this air gun with full recognition of its caution warnings. Use within full compliance of State and local laws.


    Keep away from small children.

    Contact your Dealer for a replacement manual.


    Component Names

    1. Selector Switch/Safety Setting

    Safety Setting

    The trigger cannot be pulled

    SEMI automatic (single shot)

    Full Automatic

    Pulling the trigger with the selector switch being set to safe may cause damage!

    Never operate the selector switch while pulling the trigger! It may cause danger!


    2A. Inserting Battery into Handguard

    1. Pull the delta ring back and remove the lower handguard

    2. Insert the battery inside the battery guide in the handguard and connect connectors

    3. Pull the delta ring back and replace the handguard.


    2B. Inserting battery into Tactical Retractable Stock

    1. Pull the release lever. Take the retractable stock out

    2. Put battery into the stock

    3. Put the cover on and fasten

    4. Put the battery in to the tube, and connect the connector

    5. Make sure put the battery into the tube. Take care not to pinch the wires while installing stock into tube

    6. Put the stock back as�� step 1


    2C. Inserting Battery into Fixed Stock

    1. Press the release button. Open the bottom cover

    2. Put the battery into the stock, and connect the connector

    3. Put the wire into the stock and close it


    3. Variable Hop Up System

    Because a precision tight bore barrel is installed, using dirty or recycled BBs will cause a jam and damage the gearbox. Do not recycle BBs.

    Don�t let go of the charging handle when adjusting the Hop Up.

    Be careful not to catch your fingers in the dummy bolt.

    Never hold the gun sideways as the BB will curve right or left.


    4. How to Use Magazine

    Open the magazine hatch at the top of the magazine and insert BBs. The magazine can hold about 300 rounds.

    Hold the magazine and turn the gear at the bottom. Stop turning when the magazine starts to click

    Make sure the BBs move up to the exit and insert the magazine into the rifle..

    There are occasional cases that feed of bullets stop midway during full auto operation. Remove the magazine, shake or hit the magazine.


    5. Setting the Sight

    Front Sight (Setting the hitting point up or down)

    Turning counter-clockwise lowers front sight. Turning clockwise raises front sight.

    The front sight will come off if turned too much.

    Rear Sight

    Turning dial up will raise rear sight. Turning dial down will lower rear sight.


    Battle sight for common shooting

    Turning it clockwise will move the rear sight towards the right. Turning it counterclockwise will move the rear sight towards the left.


    6. The 6 Position Stock

    Adjust length of 6 position stock
    760mm (Shortest position) to 840mm (Longest position)


    7. Maintenance and Removing Clogged BB�s

    1.     Drop a few drops of silicone oil into BB entrance. Insert BB�s into magazine and fire equivalent of 1 or 2 magazines.

    2.     To complete the cleaning, use the cleaning rod (with cotton) as shown below, to remove excess oil.

    Use a few drops of silicone or Teflon oil.

    Cut the cotton to the size shown. Adjust the length accordingly so that it can be inserted smoothly into the barrel.

    Hold at the leading end of the rod and insert the rod into the barrel while turning the rod.

    Cotton cloth. Width: approx. 10mm Length approx. 25-30mm

    Note: Inserting the rod will be difficult if you hold rod at the end.

    Remove clogged BBs (Set the safety button to ON and remove the magazine beforehand.)

    Make sure to clean the barrel chamber whenever BBs are removed.

    1.     Remove the magazine and then the barrel assembly

    2.     Return hop up dial to normal position and insert cleaning rod from the lead edge of the barrel

    3.     Be careful so that the angled part of the cleaning rod faces down, and remove clogged BBs.






    No operation at all

    Selector lever set to SAFE

    Set the selector lever to AUTO or SEMI

    Battery is not charged

    Charge the battery

    Battery connector is disconnected

    Connect the connector

    Expired motor life (50,000)

    Replace the motor

    FUSE is blown out

    Replace the FUSE

    Motor is revolving but gun doesn�t work

    Faulty gear

    Purchase the replacement gear from the dealer

    Bullets are clogged in the chamber

    Use the cleaning rod to remove the bullet

    Bullets are clogged in the magazine

    Shake the magazine

    Malfunction of SEMI auto

    Deviation in gear timing

    Set to SEMI after firing 2-3 sec in Full AUTO

    Faulty gear lever

    Purchase the replacement parts from the dealer

    Malfunction of FULL auto

    Deviation in gear timing

    Set to SAFE first then set to Full AUTO again

    Faulty gear lever

    Purchase the replacement parts from the dealer

    Firing circle slow

    Insufficient battery power

    Charge the battery

    Shooting distance short

    HOP UP system doesn�t work

    Adjust HOP UP

    Faulty BB bullets

    Please use only high quality precision BB�s

    Faulty O-ring

    Purchase the replacement parts from the dealer

    Loud, or Other

    Operation doesn�t correctly

    Contact TeamSD Service Center


    901 South Fremont Ave., Unit 218, Alhambra, CA 91803-4739, Phone: 626/281-0979�������������������� Made in Taiwan


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