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    WE Baby Hi-Capa 3.8 GBB Black Straight Line

    WE Baby Hi-Capa 3.8 GBB Black Straight Line



    Names of Parts

    Gas Injection

    Refill the gas with the gas container in vertical position.

    Loading BB Bullets

    Load BB bullets in the magazine, 6mm (23 rounds only) Please follow the illustrated sequences to load the BB bullets.

    Please do not use the BB bullets that are larger than 6mm, have a rough surface, or have been used.

    Loading & Releasing the Magazine

    While loading the magazine push it inward to the bottom until a click is heard. Press the magazine release catch, the magazine will fall off from the stock.

    First Load for Firing

    Pull the slide backwards to a specific position, then release and let the slide move forward to load the bullet in the firing chamber, and retain the hammer at the rear position, ready for firing.

    Safety Operation

    Hammer can only work when the safety stays at �Full Lock� position. Don�t operate the trigger when the safety is at �ON� position. Otherwise they may be damaged.

    Warning: Ensure the safety is ON when it is unused.

    In this state, the shooting is not available. Finger the hammer to Full Lock or pull the slide to make shooting.

    Half Lock is referred to that the hammer stays between the Full Lock and the Hammer Down. Under this state, it is of safety.

    This safety function can be applied automatically and grip the apron block tightly to release it (push it toward the gunpoint and the trigger will withdraw.

    Warning: Don�t pull the trigger if the Grip Safety hasn�t been pushed in, otherwise it may be damaged.


    When slide is pulled back and released forward, the bullet is loaded in the firing chamber, press the trigger to fire the loaded bullet.

    Attention: the maximum containment for a magazine is 23 bullets.

    After the last BB bullet is fired, the slide will be retained in the back position, it means the magazine is empty. If you want to resume the firing, insert a new fully loaded magazine, and press the slide stop to release the slide and reload the bullet.

    Shooting Process

    After a long and continued firing practice, the low temperature of the magazine will cause a reduced gas pressure as well as the low capitalized velocity of bullet. It is a normal condition, not a trouble. Never practice the reverse firing because which action cause the gas can�t evaporate and the vapor easy to damage the parts.

    Application of HOP UP

    The adjustable HOP UP system can make the trajectory of BB bullets slightly adjust-- and compared with the launcher which makes bullets moving at a parabola trajectory can aim at a farther target and shoot the bullets for a long range. Unlike the fixed -- the HOP turntable and HOP Pole can be adjusted slightly by a light touch. It is p-- HOP UP system.

    Adjust the HOP UP in 1-5 order

    Turn the HOP Turntable slowly towards the hop direction until the BB bullets can be shot horizontally.

    Too tightness will cause poor shooting, so complete the adjustment until the trajectory is horizontal.

    Forceful turn of the HOP Turntable to a certain degree may cause damage.

    Notice: The bullets may be released from the bore while slightly loose the HOP Turntable. Please fasten the HOP Turntable slightly in case of this situation. It is arising from the withdrawal of the BB bullets shield not the fault.

    After Shooting

    After the firing practice, take off the magazine from the stock, push down the slide stop to hold the slide in place and press the trigger to release the hammer.

    Attention: Take out any bullet that is inside.

    Disassembly and Basic Maintenance


    Trouble Resolution




    No action

    Safety is locked

    Release the safety

    Too much gas

    Press the refill inlet or the drain valve to break out an adequate amount of gas

    Caution: never aim the discharged gas to a fire, animal or person

    Insufficient gas filled or at a very low temperature

    Inject an adequate amount of gas into the gun

    Unknown reason

    Contact our distributor

    --BB bullet does not --ut out of the barrel

    Deformed BB bullet

    Use standard BB bullets only

    The barrel is clogged with extraneous material

    Remove the extraneous material from the barrel

    --de fails to -- to the position

    An extraneous material jams at the front end of the barrel

    Remove the extraneous material

    Motion of the -- not smooth -- firing BB bullet

    The ambient temperature is too low (in winter)

    Place the magazine indoor to recover the temperature

    It is recommended to prepare two magazines

    Insufficient gas in the magazine (a long and continued firing causes quick cooling and frozen)

    Low gas pressure in the magazine

    Refill the gas

    The trigger mechanism is out of work

    Please contact our distributor

    The air-tight rubber seal is worn out or damaged

    Poor lubrication

    Poor use adequate lubricating oil


    The rubber seal is damaged

    Please contact our distributor

    The spring fatigue

    The gas discharging mechanism is broken





    Be sure to wear shooting glasses or goggles while shooting

    Put the gun beyond the reach of kids

    Do not peep at the muzzle

    Don�t aim at people even if unloaded

    Don�t touch the trigger until the moment of shooting

    Make sure that there is nobody nearby

    Avoid a rough operation

    When the gun is not in use, remove the magazine and unload BB pellets


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