Date: 19/8/2017 2:55
Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety

Parts of the Air Rifle

1-Cheekpiece.2-Precision diopter. 3-Cocking lever. 4-Foresight element holder M18. 5-Barrel weight. 6-Compressed air cylinder. 7-Pressure reducer. 9-Butt plate. 10-Shaped grip. 11-Front stock. 12-Stock weight rear. 13-Stock weight front.

Cocking and loading the rifle.

Pull the cocking lever to its fullest extent, thereby opening the breech and cocking the trigger. Insert a pellet into the groove, then lock the breech. The rifle is now loaded and ready to fire.
Attention! Always handle the weapon in such a way that neither you nor bystanders are endangered.
Safety when the breech is open. When the breech is open, the firing pin is blocked.
Dry-practice trigger.
Select the dry-practice trigger only in cocked position. Use the rocker switch to change the position.
Setting A = Shooting position
Setting B = Dry-practice trigger

Cleaning the barrel.
Push the Perlon (wide) cord through the bore from the open loading gate, then attach 3 - 4 Single wicks to the loop and pull them through the barrel. Repeat this process until no further lead or oil deposits are found on the wick.

Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety