Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety

Parts of the Air Rifle

Operating the Safety
To Put the Air Rifle "ON SAFE"
  • Locate the safety directly in front of the trigger.
  • Push the safety from the left side all the way in. The safety is not "On Safe" unless it is pushed all the way in and the RED dot on the safety is not showing. The air rifle will not fire when "On Safe."
  • Even when the safety is "On Safe," you should continue to handle the air rifle safely. Do not ever point the air rifle at any person.
To Take the Air Rifle "OFF SAFE"
  • Push the safety from the right side all the way in. The air rifle is ready to fire when "Off Safe."
  • When you can see the RED ring around the safety, the air rifle is "Off Safe" and can be fired.

Removing the CO2 Cartridge
  • Put the air rifle is "On Safe"
  • Make sure the air rifle is unloaded.
  • Point the air rifle in a SAFE DIRECTION.
  • Slowly turn the filler cap counterclockwise all the way until you no longer hear the escape of CO2 gas.
  • Pull the filler assembly from the action tube.
  • Point the muzzle of the air rifle down so that the CO2 cartridge will fall out.

Installing the CO2 Cartridge
  • Insert a new CO2 cartridge into the air rifle with the small neck of the cartridge inserted into the action tube first (Fig. 3).
  • Replace the filler assembly in the action tube. Be sure to screw the filler cap completely into place until tight.
  • Point the rifle in a SAFE DIRECTION, take "Off Safe," cock and close the bolt and pull the trigger. If the air rifle does not make a popping noise after pulling the trigger, the CO2 is not being discharged. In that event, you will have to tighten the piercing lever a little more, point the air rifle in a SAFE DIRECTION and pull the trigger until there is a popping noise, which will mean the air rifle is releasing CO2 with each pull of the trigger.
  • Return the safety to the "On Safe" position.

Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety

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