Date: 25/7/2017 3:4

Fitting or changing a rearsight for a telescopic sight

When required the rearsight can be removed or rep)laced as a complete sub- assembly. The assembly is secured by two M3.5 slotted cheese head screws. Access to the fining screws and their lock washers is through two holes in the leaf. It will be necessary first to remove the vertical adjusting screw and hold the leaf down against the spring pressure before inserting the screwdriver through the rear access hole. After removing the rear fixing screw and lock washer, replace the vertical adjusting screw before removing the front fixing screw and lock washer. (Note, the vertical adjusting screw leans forward 3 1/2'.) Take care not to lose the rearsight leaf spring.

To fit the Webley pistol scope

First replace the standard open sight with the telescopic sight mounting bracket, using the same screws and lock washers, and ensuring that the large diameter spreader washers are located in t e recesses of the bracket. Then loosen all the clamp screws until the scope slides easily on to the sight bracket of the pistol. Align the mount with the end of the bracket then lightly tighten each clamp screw. Check that the cross hairs are truly vertical and horizontal; if necessary, rotate the tube within the mount to achieve the necessary alignment. Check that the front end of the telescope is slightly behind the barrel catch to allow adequate clearance from the end of the barrel when cocking the gun. It may be necessary to axially slide the tube within its mount to achieve the correct longitudinal position. When satisfied with the position of the telescope, firmly tighten the clamp screws. The telescopic sight will then need to be zeroed in.