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OPERATING Top | Firing Motor/Battery Cautions Clogged Bullets After Operation Selector Lever/ Safety
  • Firing: Confirm safety is sufficient before you begin firing
    Remove the protective cap only when you are ready for firing the gun.
    CAUTION: There are possible cases that no firing occurs after pulling the trigger in the semi auto mode. In this case, do not pull the trigger furiously. Fire 5 to 6 shots in the full auto mode and then return to the semi auto operation.
    CAUTION: Smell may be generated by the motor for a while when a new air gun is operated, this is the normal operation of the airgun.
    CAUTION: The hopping up operation may be unstable for 200 to 300 rounds after using the silicone oil, this is the normal operation of the airgun.
    CAUTION: When firing always use genuine Marui Bullets, as other bullets may damage your airgun.

    1. Set the selector to Semi or Full Auto.

    2. Pull the trigger

  • Cautions on the Motor and Battery:
    -Blank firing may occur at triggering after setting the magazine, this is the normal operation of the gun.

    -Charge the battery if the firing cycle becomes slow

    -Give the airgun a rest for 5 to ten minutes after firing about 500 rounds, in order to ensure long service lives of the motor and battery.
  • When Bullets are Clogged:
    If bullets are clogged, remove them (refer to [disassembly] and [removing clogged bullets]) and apply a few drops of silicone oil into the chamber from the magazine entrance as show or spray silicone for 0.5to 1 sec. to obtain a smooth continuous firing. (never use CRC-556 or other mineral oil)

  • After Operation:
  • -Remove the magazine and dry fire the gun in semi auto mode directing the muzzle to a safe direction. (Otherwise, the spring may be weakened.) Set the selector to the Safe position.

    -Bullets may remain in the chamber even if the magazine contains no bullets (or if the magazine is not connected).
    (Two or three bullets may drop from the magazine, this is the normal operation of the gun.)

    -Always disconnect the battery and attach the protective cap whenever you do not operate the air gun.

    Always attach the protective cap during storage.

  • Selector Lever and Safety Setting: Always set the safety lever to SAFE until immediately before firing.)
  • CAUTION: Set the selector lever correctly in position; otherwise, malfunction may occur.
    CAUTION: Pulling the trigger with the safety set to SAFE may damage the gun.

    -Never operate the Safety layer while pulling the trigger. Otherwise, malfunctions are possible, resulting in accidents.

    SAFETY Setting --- safety on
    When you are not firing the gun or during storage, Always set the lever to the SAFE position and attach the protective cap.

    SEMI AUTOMATIC (Single Shot) --- safety off
    The gun will fire one shot each time the trigger is pulled.

    FULLY AUTOMATIC (Automatic Firing) --- safety off
    The gun will fire automatically while the trigger remains pulled.

    Main Component Diagram Operating Loading Warnings Adjustments Battery  Maintenance
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