Date: 29/6/2017 8:4
  • Charging the Battery:
  • -Use the specified battery for the gun, Marui 8.4V, 600mAh Hyper Command Mini Battery [S] Marui Marui 8.4V, 600mAh Hyper Command Mini Battery, Otherwise, the originally designed functions will be obtained.
    CAUTION: The SD and AK type Mini Batteries cannot be used.

    -Use the specified battery charger which is applicable to the above battery, The charger Exclusive Type or Marui AC Speed Charger.

    -The battery's capacity power is increased with the use of the Ni-cd battery Discharger (Sold separately).

    -Use the correct battery and charger according to respective instruction manuals. We will not be held responsible for any accident or damage caused by wrongful operation or usage of non-specified batteries.

    Use the specified Marui battery.

  • Setting the Battery: (Conduct operations hereafter after charging the battery.)
    -Always attach the protective cap and disconnect the magazine to avoid sudden operation upon connecting the connector to the battery.

    1. Pull the fixing ring back and remove the fore grip from the rear.

    2. Insert the battery inside the battery guide in the fore grip as shown and connect connectors.

    3. Store the connector in the space above the fore grip.

    4. Press in the front of fore grip while securing the battery in position, pull battery in position, pull the fixing ring back and set the rear of for grip.

    Do not force Fore grip into place. It may bend the handle.

    Make sure the connector is on the right hand side of the upper half area-- If connectors and/or cords are positioned above the battery, the fore grip cannot be set into position.

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