Date: 16/8/2017 9:55
Trigger Pull Adjustment

The 2-stage trigger mechanism is factory set to give a light pull first stage pretravel, then a short travel, heavier second stage pull.
If a shorter first stage and longer second stage travel is required, turn the trigger adjusting screw, clockwise using a suitable screwdriver. Conversely if a longer first stage right up to the release point is required, turn the screw anticlockwise. Make slight adjustments only before rechecking the trigger pull, as the setting is sensitive.

Adjusting The Rearsight (Zeroing)

Always take the same point of aim during adjustment, regardless of the resultant point of impact. Shoot at least five pellets between adjustments, using the average of the group for reference.

Vertical Adjustment

To correct a pistol shooting high, turn the rearsight elevation screw, clockwise to lower the rearsight leaf. To correct a pistol shooting low, turn the rearsight elevation screw anti-clockwise to raise the rearsight leaf.

Windage adjustment

To correct a pistol shooting to the right, turn the rearsight horizontal screw, anti-clockwise to move the rearsight blade, to the left. To correct a pistol shooting to the left, turn the rearsight horizontal screw clockwise to move the rearsight blade to the right.